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Ace your Interview and Seal your Job

It is often said that “If you’re Failing to Plan, then you’re Planning to Fail”.

Planning, preparation, and repeated practice are the keys to success in any field and more so in Job Interviews.

A very strong CV or recommendation letter may not get you the right job unless you are able to give a startling performance in the crucial 20 minutes on the proverbial Hot seat.

The challenge has become many folds as more and more interviews are now being conducted in digital mode hampering the ability of social interaction. The virtual world is here to stay. It’s a good idea to be prepared.

We provide tried and tested points that will enable you to Ace your interview.

  1. Demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the job by being well-prepared for the interview. Learn as much as you can about the job, the organization, the competition, the location, and the industry.
  2. Do Your own Research – Check the Company’s website, Linkedin page, and Facebook. If the company is listed on the Stock exchange, check its Annual Report. Check Glassdoor, Comparably, and Vault for employee review.
  3. Don’t forget that interviews are also your opportunity to collect information and intelligence about whether or not you want to work for this employer. Your preparation will help you understand the questions to ask THEM to clarify any concerns you may have about them.
  4. Video interviews offer an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and comfort with the use of technology for business communication.
  5. Prepare your Smart Answers to Interview Questions. Practice with an expert, a friend, a video, or your mirror.
  6. Very carefully analyze the job description. Pay careful attention to the markers: How they describe the company, the “requirements” of the job – experience, skills, education needed to do the job.
  7. Prepare examples of your accomplishments. Saying you are very skilled at something is not as effective as sharing an accomplishment that proves your skill level. An excellent way to share your accomplishment is by describing situations where you successfully used that skill. For example, when you: Solved a problem, Created a new process, Lead a team, Managed a situation, Did something else innovative or original. Preferably, these accomplishments helped your employer increase profitability, reduce expenses, improved customer or employee satisfaction, or provided some other major benefit to your employer at the time. Then, build a STAR description of each situation. Learn the STAR system through an expert.
  8. Prepare for the salary expectation question and negotiation., PayScale, Glassdoor, and the jobs posted on LinkedIn and Indeed can provide you with good information by job, employer, and location. Prepare options to increase your income. Learn more about Bonuses and commissions and Other “fringe benefits”. Know your “walk-away number.” – your minimum acceptable salary, and the point where you turn down their offer or end the negotiation.

At The Time Of Interview-

  1. The technology check: does the video transmission work, the microphone, is the internet bandwidth sufficient to ensure proper transmission?
  2. Do not stare at the screen but the camera at the top edge of the laptop.
  3. In the camera application on the laptop (Windows Search -> Camera) you can set or check the viewing angle in advance. Then close the application to avoid distraction during the interview.
  4. At least your shoulders should be visible in the image section, so you can gesticulate and are not too close to the camera.
  5. Make sure there is enough light in the room. Natural light is always more beautiful than artificial. But make sure that you are not sitting with your back to the light source, as you will look very dark because the background is too bright.
  6. A professional outfit: ideally the way you would dress for a personal interview.
  7. A professional posture: it is best to sit erect (looks more authentic).
  8. Also pay attention to the background: ideally neutral and without major distractions.
  9. Inquire from the company HR, which tool is going to be used and does it require a download, a login or special settings (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).
  10. Dial in and talk to HR a few minutes before the appointment to test everything.
  11. Generally, the candidate has required to email the relevant documents (certificates, confirmations, recommendations, etc.) in advance. But Meeta advises that the candidate should have all these documents handy at the time of the interview.
  12. Always sit with a pen and paper, a glass of water or your favorite beverage.

The Bottom Line

Leverage your research and preparation to dazzle them in the interview and get a great job offer! The Boy Scouts are right – be prepared to be successful in your job interviews.

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Meeta Mathur

Meeta Mathur

Meeta is a Career & communication coach and Business Strategist. She propels her clients’ careers through expert re-branding, training, and coaching strategies that help them stand out from the competition on paper, online, and in person. As a certified NLP practitioner, she coaches her clients with a focus on creating specific and engaging language and activating the physical tools to communicate powerfully and deliberately. As a Life Coach, Meeta has helped numerous individuals achieve success in all areas of their lives. From enabling new managers to become rockstar leaders, young professionals to zero into their life goals, Start-up founders to create impactful pitches and helping her mentees to find their inner confidence. Meeta is an experienced coach who can give you that boost to get what you want.
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