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Ausbildung in Germany and 350+ Occupations!

Administrative Clerk
Administrator (Middle Service)
Agricultural And Construction Machinery Mechatronics Technician
Agricultural Service Specialist
Air Traffic Service Clerk
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Electronics Technician
Alteration Tailor
Anesthesia Technical Assistant
Animal Keeper
Application Development IT Specialist
Asphalt Worker
Assistant For International Office Management
Audiovisual Media clerk
Automation Electronics Technician
Automotive Clerk
Air traffic Clerk
Bakery salesperson
Bank Clerk
Bespoke Shoemaker
Bicycle Mechanic
Biology Laboratory Technician
Boat Builder
Bodywork and Vehicle Construction Mechanic
Brass Instrument Maker
Brewer and Maltster
Building And Infrastructure Systems Electronics Engineer
Building and object coater
Building Cleaner
Building Construction Worker
Building Materials Tester
Building Systems Integration Electronics Technician
Business Economist in Foreign Trade
Candle Maker And Wax Maker
Cemetery Gardener
Ceramics Testing Technologist
Chemical Laboratory Technician
Chemical laboratory worker
Chemical Production Specialist
Chemical Technician
Chimney Sweeper
Civil Engineering Skilled Worker
Civil Servant Bundesbank Middle Service
Civil servant Judicial Service Middle Service
Coating Technology Process Mechanic
Combustion And Chimney Fitter
Commercial Specialist
Concrete And Reinforced Concrete Worker
Confectionary Technologist
Confectionery Salesperson
Construction Mechanic
Courier, Express And Postal Services Clerk
Courier, Express and Postal Services Specialist
Customs officer Middle Service
Cutting Machine Operator
Cutting Machine Operator for Lathe Systems
Cutting Machine Operator in Milling Technology
Dairy Laboratory Technician
Dairy Technologist
Dance Teacher
Data and Process Analysis IT Specialist
Debt Collecting Office Management Clerk
Demolition And Concrete Cutting Technology Construction
Dental Assistant
Dental Technician
Devices and Systems Electronics Technician
Devices and Systems Information Electronics Technician
Dialogue Marketing Clerk
Dialogue Marketing Service Specialist
Digital and Print Media Designer
Digital Networking IT Specialist
Digitisation Management Clerk
Driving Operations Specialist
Drywall Fitter
E-commerce Clerk
E-Commerce Specialist
Electrical system fitter
Electronics Technician
Energy and Building Electronics Technician
Euro Management Assistant
European Clerk
Event Manager
Event Technology Specialist
Eyeglass Optics Process Mechanic
Finance economist Middle Service
Financial Assistant
Finishing skilled worker
Fish Farmer
Flat Glass Technologist
Food Technology Specialist
Food Trade Salesperson Specialist
Food Trade Salesperson Specialist - Butcher's Shop
Foreign Language Correspondent Office Management Clerk
Foreign Languages Industrial Clerk
Forwarding and Logistics Services clerk
Foundation Engineer Specialist
Foundry Mechanic
Fruit Juice Technology Specialist
Funeral Specialist
Furnace and Air Heating Installer
Furniture, Kitchen and Moving Services Specialist
Gastronomy Specialist
Gem Cutter
Glass and Porcelain Painter
Glass Apparatus Builder
Glass Blower / Glass Maker
Glass Finisher
Glass Technology Process Mechanic
Handpulled Instrument Maker
Health Care clerk
Hearing Care Professional
Heat, Cold and Sound Insulation Insulator
Home And Family Carer
Horse Manager
Hotel and Hospitality Assistant
Hotel Management Clerk
Hotel Specialist
Hydraulic Engineer
Ice cream Specialist
Image and Sound Media Designer
Industrial Ceramist
Industrial Clerk
Industrial Electrician
Industrial Engineering Electronics Technician
Industrial Mechanic
Industrial Mechanic in Mechanical and Plant Engineering
Industrial Mechanic in Production Technology
Industrial Mechanic Maintenance
Industrial Technologist
Information And Telecommunications Electronics Technician
Information Electronics Technician
Information Electronics Technician for Office System Technology
Insulation Specialist / Industrial Insulator
Insurance And Financial Investments Clerk
Integrated Systems Consultant Specialist
Interior Decorator
Investment Advisor
Investment Fund Clerk
IT Specialist
IT System Electronics Technician
IT System Management Clerk
Judicial Clerk
Kitchen Specialist
Labour Market Services Specialist
Landscape Gardener
Leather Production And Tanning Technology Specialist
Light Aircraft Builder
Machine and Drive Electronics Technician
Machine and Plant Operator
Make-Up Artist
Management Assistant
Market and Social Research Specialist
Marketing Communication Clerk
Materials Tester
Mathematical-Technical Software Developer
Mechatronics technician
Media and Information Services Specialist
Media Clerk
Media Technologist
Media Technologist Paint
Medical Assistant
Metal And Bell Caster
Metal Sculptor
Metal Technology Specialist
Metal Worker
Milling And Grain Industry Process Technologist
Mining Technologist
Multi-Sector Mechanic
Music Retailer
Natural Stone Mechanic
Natural Stone Mechanic
Notary Clerk
Office Management - Financial Accounting and Controlling clerk
Office Management Clerk
Official Detention Pending Deportation Intermediate Service
Organ Builder
Orthopaedic Shoemaker
Orthopaedic Technology Mechanic
Packaging Technologist
Paint Laboratory Assistant (Paint Laboratory Technician)
Painter And Varnisher
Paper Technologist
Paralegal and Notary Public
Parquet Layer
Pastoral Education
Patent Paralegal
Personnel Services Clerk
Pest Controller
Pharmaceutical Commercial Clerk
Photo Media Specialist
Physics Laboratory Assistant
Piano And Harpsichord Maker
Pipe, Sewer and Industrial Service Specialist
Pipeline Fitter
Plant Advisor
Plant Firefighter
Plant Mechanic
Plant Mechanic – Pipe System Technology
Plant Mechanic for Sanitary, Heating and air Conditioning Technology
Plant Technologist
Plastic and Rubber Technology Process Mechanic
Plastics and Rubber Technology, Compound and Masterbatch Production Process Mechanic
Police Officer (middle service)
Pool Operations Specialist
Port Logistics Specialist
Port Skipper
Postal And Banking Services Salesperson
Precast Concrete Builder
Precision Mechanic
Precision Optician
Precision Tool Mechanic
Print Processing Media Technologist
Prison Officer Middle Service
Process Mechanic
Process Metal Technologist
Production Mechanic
Professional Driver
Protection And Security Service Employee
Protection and Security Specialist
Protection of the Constitution Middle Service Officer
Railway Employee in Operational Service
Ready-Mixed Concrete Process Mechanic
Real Estate Clerk
Recycling And Waste Management Specialist
Refrigeration Technology Mechatronics Technician
Restaurants And Event Catering Specialist
Retail Clerk
Retail Sales Specialist
Road and Traffic Engineering Specialist
Road Attendant
Road Builder
Roller Shutter And Sun Protection Mechatronics Technician
Sales Consultant
Savings Bank Business Economist
Screed Layer
Screen Printing Media Technologist
Service Driver
Sewage Technology Specialist
Sewer Builder
Ship Mechanic
Shipping Clerk
Sign and Illuminated Advertising Manufacturer
Social and Healthcare Service Assistant
Social Security Clerk
Software Technology Specialist Consultant
Sports and Fitness Clerk
Sports Assistant
Sports Specialist
Stage Painter and Stage Sculptor
Stamping And Forming Mechanic
Stone and Earth Industry Process Mechanic
Stone Manufacturer
Stone Mason and Stone Sculptor
Surface Coater
Surgical Mechanic
System Integration IT specialist
Tank And Apparatus Builder
Tax Clerk
Technical Assembler
Technical Draftsman
Technical Model Builder
Technical Officer Assistant
Technical Product Designer
Technical System Planner
Telecommunications And Electronic Reconnaissance Officer
Textile and Fashion Seamstress
Textile And Fashion Tailor
Textile Business Economist
Textile Cleaner
Textile Designer
Textile Laboratory Assistant
Textile Product Finisher
Thermometer Maker
Tire and Vulcanisation Mechanic
Tool Mechanic
Tourism and Leisure Clerk
Tourism clerk
Toy Manufacturer
Track Builder
Traffic Service Clerk
Two-wheeler Mechatronics Technician
Upholstery And Decoration Seamstress
Vehicle Interior Mechanic
Vehicle Mechatronics Technician
Vehicle Painter
Vending Machine Service Specialist
Vending Machine Specialist
Veterinary Assistant
Violin Maker
Visual Marketing designer
Warehouse Clerk Specialist
Warehouse Logistics Specialist
Water Proofer
Water Supply Technology Specialist
Welding Construction Mechanic
Well Builder
Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management Clerk
Wickerwork Designer
Wine Technologist
Wood And Building Protection Officer
Wood And Building Protection Specialist
Wood Mechanic
Wood Sculptor
Wooden Toy Maker
Woodwind Instrument Maker
Woodworking Mechanic
Work Assistant