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Be Vocal to Serve Global

Let’s get Vocal to Serve Global – A Call for Individuals who want to be Online Trainers

In this devastating period when people are suffering from long-lasting ailments of COVID -19, it is indeed essential to stay at home and keep ourselves safe. However, in this scenario, it is very important not to halt in our lives and move on. Engaging oneself in an online source of income can be beneficial to ourselves and our families. Various online platforms are being utilized by thousands of students across the globe to learn and are thus acting as a major source of income for hundreds of online trainers.

The Online Education System consists of various online programs accessible by different workstations connected to the internet by the network in that area. Students in large numbers from all around the world can learn from remote places and gain knowledge from this setup. Moreover, the current online training industry is not only advantageous to the students but as well teachers.

For an online trainer choosing to provide their impeccable training or teaching services by online education, platforms can be highly progressive as well as profitable. There are ample of reasons why a trainer must start providing their training or teaching online for the benefit of their own and the society

Numerous trainers or teachers have already shifted to the online training industry in the absence of any other method by which they can connect to students and earn a living. And so should you. Starting any endeavor to train or educate online is not a complicated task. It is comparatively easier than joining an educational institution. You just need a laptop or computer with a webcam and microphone, a high-speed internet connection, some software and applications, you and your content and Yeah, you are ready to go.

Well, if you are interested to be an online trainer and want to contribute to this drastic transformation of the education system to online platforms then all you have to do is to read this piece of thread carefully till the end

We are here to help you decide either to be an online trainer or not because this change is here to stay. Below, we will discuss the benefits of being an online trainer and the basic requirements for being an online trainer. Moreover, at the end of this article don’t forget to read about the qualification criteria of the online training industry.

Benefits of Being an Online Trainer:

1. As an online trainer, an individual can safely stay at home as well as work and teach thousands of students from all over the world. By working as an online coach or online trainer an individual can progress his training career at their ease and in time- durations they want to.

2. Another benefit of being an online coach is that you don’t have to spend money on commute expenses. Being an online trainer, you can train the student from behind the screen. An individual does not have to take the pain of commuting to the education institution every day.

3. Moreover an individual online trainer can also expand his or her services. On an online education platform, an individual can save significant time and therefore can teach multiple subjects to various batches of students. For example, a Social studies teacher can also teach English to his students via recorded online videos. Other than this a yoga instructor can also train his or her students in the proper way to meditate and heal. You can take 50 classes of the same or different disciplines in a day without having to answer anyone and make a lot of money in a short period.

4. The other advantage of being an online trainer is that you can provide your services to any and every student around the world. Something which you cannot do by being a trainer who teaches in physical educational institutions. You are bonded by contract to provide your services only to children coming and studying in that institute. With the advancements of the internet and online platforms, we can now reach students all around the world without having any territorial limitations or foundations.

5. Apart from increasing confidence, developing interpersonal skills, making people self-reliant and more technically sound, trainers have also profited as now they can communicate with each other at ease about courses and its content update and combine their skills and knowledge in regards with these subjects.

The Basic Requirement for Being an Online Trainer:

Now if you are enticed to become an online trainer after reading the above-mentioned benefits then let’s discuss the basic requirements of numerous online platforms for an online trainer. Indeed, the requirements might differ a little from one platform to other platforms however the requirements that we are mentioning are common for every online platform.

The basic requirements for being an online trainer are as follows:

1. An individual who wants to work as an online trainer must have a properly functioning digital device such as a smartphone, laptop, personal computer, or tablet.

2. Also, speedy functioning broadband for facilitating a strong Internet connection between the students and the trainer. Anyone who strives to work as an online trainer must have a proper and stable internet connection and a valid Internet plan for providing online classes smoothly without any disturbance and trouble.

3. He or she must create an online account or register himself or herself as an online trainer on any of the various online education platforms. Various online platforms are hiring online trainers every day. This is mandatory for every individual who wants to start his or her, online education classes. He or she must choose an online platform and make an online account to apply as an online trainer.

4. various online education platforms use online learning tools such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and many more to meet trainer requirements for teaching. A workplace to take all your lectures, live classes, and recording online classes for various students.

Qualification Criteria of The Online Training Industry:

Being an online trainer is incredibly easy and smooth these days. The qualification criteria for being an online trainer might differ for various online education entities and platforms. However, some qualification factors are common and are necessary for all.

1. Basic experience of working as a teacher or online trainer. Minimum experience 1 year or more.

2. Basic knowledge and skills of operating PowerPoint and Excel documents.

3. Good communication skills i.e. an individual who is applying for an online trainer post must have good command in at least one language such as English, Hindi, and more especially common within the students he/she is teaching.

4. The trainer must be comfortable teaching with modern techniques of education.

5. An online trainer must have his or her basic educational degrees and experience that are required for being a teacher.

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