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Brand your personality and seek attention

Brand your personality and seek attention

Personality is somewhat the same as mannerism but the difference is mannerism is considered as one and same among all individuals that won’t change. But personality is based on the person’s character.

Both are somehow the same in the point of making a good appearance in public. Personality is something like a mask we wear to project ourselves in the way we want. Some are good enough in it and some are not. 

This course is for people who cant be stable with their personalities in public.  Each and everyone in the world is unique and becomes unique only with Personality. Personality is just a combination of thoughts, behavior, and feeling.

It is believed that a person’s personality arises from the things he or she going through in his or her infant and childhood period. Only that personality and character in the level up to 60 percent will travel till his or her death.

Your personal qualities play a major role, to explain who you are and who you want to be. Knowing your duties, responsibilities, and relationship with people around you will help to enhance your personality.

We use to judge a brand or company by its popularity, product quality, value, features, rating, visibility among people, and many more. As same as we also been judged by people around us.

Their judgment will be good and positive when we have a good appearance, self-confidence uniqueness, or else skillful in any sort of activity. 

If not you are in the right place to develop your personality. 

There are several qualities in a brand, those qualities will be improved and enhanced here,

They are


Our relationships with influencing others  

Our relationship with others matters much in society. The way we are conveying our emotions, messages, informing and more are noticed to detected our personality.


Get involved in cross functional activities

Cross functional activity basically refers to assembling in a team where all are expertise in different specific domains. So being expertise in a specific skill is helpful to get involved in cross functional activities.



Ready to learning unknown things voluntarily is a great thing to increase and develop our skills.

These voluntarily learned skills would help to get you involved in future activities.



An individual’s or a group’s capacity to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization is referred to as leadership. Making meetings and often difficult decisions, communicating a clear vision, defining attainable goals, and providing followers with the knowledge and skills they need to reach those goals are all part of leadership.

Taking leadership is great quality. Being with leadership qualities will help to be a good human being. This indirectly involves many things like respecting others, having courage, influence others in a good way, gratitude feeling toward others, self-awareness, having the agility to learn, and many.


Start a website or blog

Influence other with content like blogs, articles on your website, and also have social media accounts officially for your company or brand. Having a social media account is considered as is very important in this era because almost all age groups are using social media and especially youth.



Being proactive is very important because sometimes people working under us may collapse in some situations we should know to handle and also we should know to guide them properly to make something happen.


Promote your accomplishments

Show off your achievements to others on the online platform which influences others in your circle and also for the people who are searching for your service or product. Accomplish these activities and achievements online will attract people to get into. 


Ensure your presence

Try to attend all of your meetings. Presence in meetings and other sorts of things will build a good impression on you. 



Communication plays a vital role. Good communication in your circle and connections is 60 percent enough to create a good impression. Good communication includes many benefits in business like

increase in productivity, Good relationships in the workplace among workers,  high quality of services and products, great level of trust and commitment on the company and also between the workers, good relationship with each other neglects absenteeism, increases being engaged with people in the workplace.


Stay relevant

Always try to be relevant in going on meetings or conversation or any other commucication and activities. Being relevant to the topic indirectly helps others to interact with you. 



To begin a good leader understanding others is enough up to 60 percent. Thinking in other places and other situations won’t rise to fight and quarrels.

Basically, personal branding involves finding your uniqueness and exposing it to others in a better way. Finding your uniqueness involves some questions like

  1. What are your strengths?  Strengths include what skill in you makes others surprised.
  2. What are your known skills? The answer to this question is the skill or course you already learned.
  3. What are your well known things? Well known things mean that in which you are much comfortable while doing or talking about
  4. What is your specialty? Specialty means something in you, makes you different from normal people, or the uniqueness in you.
  5. How does your uniqueness enhance your strength?


Now you may think “What is the use for me to learn this? ”

It’s a good question and it also has a perfect answer. In simple words, we can say it has several possibilities to make you a good human being in society, public, and also in your professional place.

  1. Improves your communication capability learning helps to avoid misunderstandings between you and the people around you.
  2. Enhance your leadership quality. Taking leadership is great quality. Being with leadership qualities will help to be a good human being. This indirectly involves many things like respecting others, having courage, influence others in a good way, gratitude feeling toward others, self-awareness, having the agility to learn, and many.
  3. And last but not least this course will help me to be a strong person and improves the self confidence. Having the ability of taking decisions, setting goals and many of these things improve confidence in you indirectly.

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