Skilled or Unskilled? Get a Job in Germany

SkillsRediscovery helps in How to find job in Germany

Yes, you heard it right, a person can get a job in Germany even when they are unskilled. Finding jobs in Germany is pretty hard, especially when a person from another country is searching for jobs in Germany and they do not know any other international language than English, apart from the one that is […]

Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers | How to Get the Job

Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers | How to Get the Job

Top 5 Interview Questions and Answers | How to Get the Job Have a job interview soon? Are you prepared to ace it? Being prepared to answer questions from employers successfully is one of the most crucial aspects of interview preparation. Since each interviewer is unique, their questions could also differ. You can establish captivating […]

Beat The Outmoded Education System With Vocational Learning

Beat The Outmoded Education System With Vocational Learning

We have all grown up learning ‘A’ SE ANAAR AND ‘AA’ SE AAM. It was recited in chorus and somehow, we still remember it all. In the same manner, we committed to memorizing multiplication tables. Our ability to learn and recall the study material was impeccable. Vocational education was not even invented in India.  But […]

Productivity : 6 Easy Steps to Increase Productivity

Easy Steps to increase Productivity

There are many productivity tips going around the internet. The basics start with keeping ourselves healthy. Start changing your personal habits and pattern of thinking, this will lead to a greater revelation of underlying problems. Sometimes we are losing sight of how we as an individual have to prioritize our well-being and forget to do […]

Do you know How to Eat? Eating is a Skill toughest of all.

Eating is a Skill toughest of all. Do you know How to Eat?

Did You know that our digestive system works with the sun? Did you know How to eat is a skill?  What does it mean to eat your breakfast like a king and your lunch like a prince? Well if you also have these questions then we’d suggest Keep Reading. According to research, stress and anger […]

5 Tips To Creating A Resume For Your Dream Job

5 Tips To Creating A Resume For Your Dream Job

5 Tips To Creating A Resume For Your Dream Job A resume is an important gizmo to let your skills and qualifications speak for you. It is the first thing that hires would see before giving you a chance at your first interview. That is why it is critical to consider how you build your resume and what information you include. Below are the […]

CYBERSECURITY: An Emerging Technology in Business Planning.


CYBERSECURITY: An Emerging Technology in Business Planning. In this article we will discuss: What is cybersecurity? Scale of Cybersecurity How to achieve Cybersecurity? Importance and benefits of Cybersecurity. Types of Cybersecurity Classification of Cyber Attacks How to implement a Cybersecurity plan? Future of Cybersecurity in business Common Cybersecurity safety tips Skills required to become Cybersecurity […]

Films, Feminism and our Fraternity

Flims, feminism, and our fraternity

Films, feminism, and our fraternity   They say films are the depiction of our society and contrariwise. Movies and the cinema have impacted our lives so much that our dressing sense to our way of thinking is hardly loosely based on these films. Nowadays, most of the characters seem relatable. The “larger than life” character […]

Practice 21st Century Soft Skills

Practice 21st Century Soft Skills

The world is changing; it’s becoming more and more difficult to predict the needs and demands of employers and hiring officials.  Especially after this global pandemic that shook the whole world to the core, a new era has dawned, the quintessential changes long ignored are becoming more volatile and dynamic.  Within the past two years, […]

Transforming the Nation through education of youth

Transforming the Nation through education of youth

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself” Every year on July 11, World Population Day is commemorated. The goal of the day is to draw attention to the urgency and importance of population-related issues. It should be mentioned that the United Nations Development Programme launched World Population Day in 1989. World Population […]

How to Identify and Develop Soft Skills


What are your strongest abilities?  Most of us come up with a concrete answer: we’re great at ultimate frisbee, can make a delicious apple pie, or can navigate a spreadsheet.  These are all fantastic qualities, but you’re probably neglecting a whole slew of others that are equally vital.  You’re in for a life-changing lesson if […]

Brand your personality and seek attention

Brand your personality and seek attention

Personality is somewhat the same as mannerism but the difference is mannerism is considered as one and same among all individuals that won’t change. But personality is based on the person’s character. Both are somehow the same in the point of making a good appearance in public. Personality is something like a mask we wear […]

How to Master Business and Operational Management

How to Master Business and Operational Management

When it comes to handling and managing the business, one must have advanced skills and understand management. It is not just about business, it’s about manufacturing systems, employee training, facilities planning, supply chain management, inventory management, product design, quality control, improving productivity, maintaining high quality, reducing costs, staying competitive in the global marketplace, and much […]

Why to Learn Campus to Corporate Course

Why to Learn Campus to Corporate Course

Campus to Corporate training is a soft skills program that assists students in making a smooth transition into the workplace. This workshop provides students with advice on how to become more efficient by understanding the fundamentals of corporate communication, time management, and the mindset shift necessary when transitioning from a college to a business setting. […]

Fashion Designing and it’s Basic Principles

Fashion Designing and it’s Basic Principles

Full-fill your dreams of a glamorous career by doing a Fashion Designing Course 101 The fashion industry is a very glamorous field, and due to its charm, many youngsters who have a creative side get attracted to this. It gives them a chance to showcase their innovative designs. However, to establish yourself as a designer, […]

Highlights of the National Education Policy – NEP 2020 – by Dr. Seema Shah

In this article, I have shed light on the highlights of NEP 2020. A National Education Policy formulated periodically by the government describes the principles, laws and rules which govern the operation of the education system across schools to universities delivering higher education and beyond to adult education and job training.NEP hence will engage people […]

Why Should People Learn Corporate Finance Courses?

Corporate finance in simple words focuses on maximizing the company’s value through finance and investment decisions, i.e. how to generate money and utilize it most effectively. Corporate finance is based on the financial calculations that go into raising and successfully allocating money. Every company choice has financial consequences, and every decision involving the use of […]

Entrepreneurship Or A Job? Which Is More Preferred Now a days?

Entrepreneurship Or A Job? Which Is More Preferred Nowadays?

The world is full of Opportunities people will select based on their preferences. Money is an important factor in everyone’s life. Money can improve your life to a great extent but it is also a fact that money cannot buy happiness, mothers care. The importance of money in human life is similar to the importance […]

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course? – by Ishwaraya Sarvanan

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course? Earlier 90’s when digital photography was not invented, people used to click photos with film rolls. Old cameras had photography film rolled so that capture picture gets into the rolls. Giving life to capture certain chemicals was used. Do you remember the room with certain colours of […]

Impossible To Possible: Introduction To Nuke

There was a time when only smokes and mirrors were used in the name of VFX, but since the invention of digital compositing, things have come a long way. Now, what exactly is digital compositing? In layman’s terms, it is simply a process of integrating multiple pictures or live-action footage into a single screen, mainly […]

Top 10 Institutes for SEO Course in Delhi

SEO is one of the reputed profiles in digital marketing. However, If you want to enhance your knowledge in SEO specialization then, you need to enroll in the best institute in Delhi that can train you professionally and make you an expert of SEO in digital marketing and you may enroll for the best digital marketing […]

How to Become an Influencer in Any Industry

What exactly is an influencer?  An influencer is a person who has a large social media following and whose recommendations are taken seriously. – by Abhishek Rana. “An influencer is an individual who has an above-average impact on a specific niche process. Influencers are those people that are connected to play key roles for media […]

Keywords research: Choose the right keywords to boost website SEO

Being a writer whenever you start writing a blog or an article, you have to add keywords to your content. Adding keywords to your content is part of the SEO process where search engines identify your content based on keywords and display it for the relevant search query. Now, why do you have to include […]

Enhance Your Personality By Learning Personality Development Mantras

A youngster of 2021 has completed his degree and is now ready to start his career in the industry. He has also acquired the relevant skills certificate and successfully landed the job.  After completing five years in the corporate job, he is still in the same position, while his colleagues were getting high-paying jobs. Therefore […]

Why Should People Study The Stock Market Course?

Why should people study the stock market course? Peter Lynch, a well-known American investor, once said, “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” Here Peter means to say that if you want to invest in stocks, you should have […]

Skills Required In Real Life Journey

What is a skill?  A skill is the ability to do a task by utilizing the energy and achieve the desired result in the given time frame. In other words, we can say that skill is an art that represents the body as knowledge and branches as learning that grows more when we learn more. […]

Importance of Social Cohesion, Social Networking and Interaction for Education

What do you think is the importance of Interacting with people of Similar Personalities such as yourself and that of those who have viewpoints entirely different from us? Is it a beneficial or quarrelsome rising issue? Interacting with others is the Master key to Living Life. Knowing it better leads to a Happy Life and […]