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Code of Conduct

Thank you for choosing SkillsRediscovery (“we”, “us”, “our”) and helping us in making learning fun.

Being a part of this learning community means behaving with honesty, respect and kindness to fellow Learners and Instructors.

All users (“you”, “your”) including Learners, Instructors and Visitors of the SkillsRediscovery Platform are required to follow the terms of this Code of Conducts (“Agreement”). This Agreement is hereby through this reference construed as part of our Terms.

You hereby agree to the following terms as follows:

1. You are Eligible to access the Platform

Any owner or user of a SkillsRediscovery account must be at least the age of majority.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of majority and wish to use SkillsRediscovery Platform, you should use your own SkillsRediscovery account to work through the content and materials with them and take part in any conversations as yourself.

2. Language

You will communicate in the language which may be relevant to a particular class or course. Some courses or online classes may be available in languages other than English. In those classes and courses, only the appropriate language should be used.

3. Account

On your SkillsRediscovery profile, we encourage you to use the formal name on which you desire to have the course completion certificate. However, if you have privacy or safety concerns, you are welcome to use a different profile name or to just use an initial for part of it.

Profile names must not impersonate another person (living or dead), other users, or brands, and must be in line with the rest of this Agreement.

4. Personal Details

Please do not provide your personal contact details to anyone and communicate solely through the Platform. SkillsRediscovery considers personal contact details to include without limitations email address, postal address or telephone number, or direct communication tools such as Zoom ID or personal Social Media accounts.

This is for safety and privacy reasons. There is no guarantee that the person with whom you share the personal contact details are legitimate and the intended person to whom you wish to share your personal contact details with.

5. Instructors to always switch on video

The Instructors are required to always stay on video camera in live Online Classes.

The Learners shall have the option of either turning the video feature on the Platform API or software, on/off.

6. Punctuality

Learners and Instructors shall always strive to be available on the agreed upon time slots. Learners cannot reschedule services therefore; Learners should strive to be punctual. In case the Instructor is unable to provide their services on a particular day, they will also inform us at least 12 hours beforehand.

7. Comments and other content

You warrant and represent that the comments and other contents such as assignments you post are made by you. If you quote anything from an external source, you agree to credit such external source. Do not copy another Learner’s comment and pretend that it is your own. If you wish to quote text from another source, remember to show where it came from. If it’s from the web, include the URL.

8. Be Courteous

You agree to be courteous and respectful of others. You shall not use words or share content which may be inflammatory or offensive.

This includes, but is not limited to, language, names or content that is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, contains swearing or is otherwise likely to cause offence.

Remember that you are in a learning environment shared with people who may be of different ages, nationalities, religions, cultures, and backgrounds, with different knowledge, ability and experience to you.

Communicating online through text can lead to misunderstandings, so it is important to give other people the benefit of the doubt and be kind in your interactions: sometimes it’s difficult to know or fully appreciate the situation of the person you’re talking to.

9. Conflict in Ideas

If you disagree with someone’s thoughts or ideas, please discuss them rather than personalising the issue and attacking them.

We consider a personal attack to be any negative comment directed to or about an individual that is about them personally or uses personal information against them.

This applies to comments directed at Instructors as well as Learners, for example comments about the physical appearance of an Instructor in a video.

If a comment is believed to be libellous, it may be hidden for legal reasons.

Do not persistently argue with another Learner or an Instructor. If you aren’t able to resolve your differences, you should stop communicating with them, otherwise you may cease use of the SkillsRediscovery Platform.

10. Sharing Answers

Learners shall share their answers if an Instructor requests the Learner to do so. It is important that Learner do so as it is a part of the evaluation process to ascertain the Learners abilities and weaknesses.

11. Feedback

You are supportive and constructive when offering feedback to other Learners in activities such as discussions.

Feedbacks should be offered in order to help the recipient, rather than make them feel bad. Giving constructive feedback is a skill in itself and extremely valuable to the learning process.

12. Compliance with the Law

You are law-abiding and do not participate in, condone or encourage unlawful or potentially harmful activity.

This includes threatening or encouraging suicide or self-harm, as well as breach of copyright, defamation, or contempt of court.

You must not offer unsolicited health advice to other learners, even if you are qualified or knowledgeable in that area.

13. No Advertisements

You are here to learn and not to advertise products or services, and you will not use SkillsRediscovery as a platform for campaigning.

This includes personal and not-for-profit websites.

It is fine to link to commercial websites when requested in activity as part of an Online Class or Self-Paced Course.

However, if you repeatedly post comments to promote or campaign for something, even if it is not commercial it will be considered spam.

14. No Spamming

You will not spam others by posting the same comment multiple times or by posting comments which are completely off-topic, repetitive or unrelated to an Online Class or Self-Paced Course.

Off-topic comments are not related to the overall subject of an Online Class or Self-Paced Course. It is natural for conversation to drift, but completely unrelated comments can be disruptive and frustrate other users.

15. Reporting spam

You will help the SkillsRediscovery by reporting comments that you believe have violated this Agreement.

You can report spam by sending SkillsRediscovery an email at:

16. Course End Certification

We provide a digital course completion certificate with a grade specified such certificate solely to the Learner who has fulfilled all the necessary requirements set by an Instructor and the platform (“Completion Certificate”). In the event that the Online Class or Self-Paced Course opted by you has a third party certificate associated with it such as Microsoft or Google Certification the terms and conditions of such third parties shall apply and SkillsRediscovery does not take any guarantee of grades or percentage of such certification and delivery of the certificate on time. Learners shall be solely responsible for such third party certificates.