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Digital Marketing – The Never-Dying Industry

Digital Marketing is something you must invest in. I believe that anyone who has a will can understand the functioning of digital marketing provided they are very sincere, persistent and have a passion for marketing as a whole. This industry is itself large and it is an anchor which holds other components to make any business successful.

Humans are primarily dissatisfied, we want more, we crave more and that is where digital marketing plays its role. Quite an irony right? Digital marketing works on understanding the consumer’s preferences. If a digital marketer gets a high salary, it’s because of the consumer’s various preferences. 

In this blog, you will understand a few aspects of digital marketing, but before that let me give some statistics convincing you “Why the Digital Marketing industry will never die?”

The millennials are one of the major consumers of digital marketing promoted brands. 

A survey of 571 Millennials indicated a preference for online coupons and side-panel ads; Millennials do not like pop-up advertising. Graphics are highly effective in grabbing their attention. Millennials will repeatedly visit a website that has competitive prices and good shipping rates. If given an incentive, such as a discount or reward, Millennials will write an online product review.


As you can see in the above bar graph, the number of internet users in India will increase to 666.4 million users by the year 2023. Now, this is just an estimate done by an organization. However, let’s talk about the increase in internet users in India from 295.39 million in the year 2016 to 601 million in the year 2021. It is pretty evident that young people are rapidly increasing internet usage all thanks to web browsers such as Google, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Bing, Yahoo and many more to work on cool user-friendly developments that make the world of the internet exciting. 


This graph depicts the digital advertising market in India. Over the years the people in India have started trusting placing their ads digitally. 

Digital marketing simply means promoting a product or brand to meet customers using the internet. Digital marketing has certain components that you must take time to ponder upon and they are quite interesting once you know how it functions. 

The major components of digital marketing which are used by agencies in the current scenario are

#Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is a very interesting tool and every digital marketer’s best friend. “Search Engine Optimisation is used to weigh the different factors to achieve the highest rank of your domain.”

Confused? Let me elucidate, For instance, let’s say you have a business dealing with makeup. Now there are numerous websites selling makeup online. How do you stand apart from them? Now you may say that your makeup is cruelty-free and say it is less costly compared to “The Body Shop” products. How do you let the people know that? 

Here’s where SEO comes in handy. You can use keywords in your website or blogs such as # Cruelty-Free Makeup Products, #Cost Effective Products, anything that describes your product or business the best. Once you do this, the google algorithm is as such that whenever people search for makeup products that are cruelty-free, your company’s website will be ranked based on your product, price, and location. 

It’s very beautiful, right? How just adding one keyword can boost your website ranking. While using SEO keywords the point is to use keywords that aren’t commonly used. 

#Content Marketing:

“Content Marketing refers to creating relevant, attractive content with the purpose of finding the right audience who will consequently become your customers.”

Your content marketing strategy will not work unless you provide great content and be consistent in providing great content. There is no guarantee that the content marketing strategy you used once will work the second time. You can also make use of SEO here too. The blogs you write can contain keywords that will improve your website ranking. In fact, even using a constant font or a jingle will help the audience to identify with your brand name. For example, The audience is really familiar with the iPhone SMS tone and if people had to guess the tone, they would be able to.

#Social Media Marketing:

The main purpose of social media marketing is to engage with people online at the same time to create brand awareness. You can catch people’s attention almost instantaneously. Another benefit is that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, have in-built metrics that help companies to analyze their brand. 

How does social media marketing work?

STEP 1:  First you decide upon a goal, whether it is brand awareness or building a network, find the right audience. Once, your goal is clear and strategize. 

STEP 2:  Second, Plan and make a post. It’s as easy as posting a blog, photo or video.  

STEP 3:  Find out if your audience is engaging with your post. You can find out with a tool called social media analytics or an in-built tool on Instagram called Insights. This tool is available for every professional or business account. 

STEP 4:  Now, you are aware of the kind of posts working for you. Let’s say people are interested in posts related to Freelancing. Now, you try to create more posts related to freelancing and target them while advertising. 

This is how Social Media Marketing works.



The most preferred technique of digital marketing is content marketing and big data. 

You all know what content marketing is. Big data refers to the massive data collected by the organization to Analyze the data and take out useful insights from that data is known as big data analytics. This is useful to digital marketers as it helps them in personalized targeting, budget optimization, improving market campaigns and more. 

Digital Marketing is a vast concept and it will create countless job opportunities in the near future. Companies are looking for personnel who are an expert in any one of these components. If you want to make a career in Digital Marketing, you should have knowledge of each component or technique that works, but make yourself resourceful and specialize in at least one of these components so that no one can replace you in your domain. To specialize in these domains you can Learn Basic to Pro Digital Marketing course at SkillsRediscovery.

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