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Productivity : 6 Easy Steps to Increase Productivity

Easy Steps to increase Productivity

There are many productivity tips going around the internet. The basics start with keeping ourselves healthy. Start changing your personal habits and pattern of thinking, this will lead to a greater revelation of underlying problems.

Sometimes we are losing sight of how we as an individual have to prioritize our well-being and forget to do the minimum. Especially in the workplace we are doing as told and not really being proactive. This is a result of fatigue and finding easier ways to get things done when you are not being mindful of things.

 There are many factors like weather, hormonal changes, nutritional imbalance, mood swings, etc., that could affect productivity.

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Put Yourself First and Productivity Will Follow

Put Yourself First and Productivity Will Follow

Productivity can be affected if we are not taking care of ourselves. There are a few things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. 

Healthy diet

Keep a consistent habit to eat your food on time. Eating food that is healthy and tasty is possible these days with so much information. Make efforts to never miss a meal and be mindful of your eating habits.

Drink water

Drinking water has become a chore for many. The majority of women usually suffer from infections due to negligence. To avoid these issues, keep a timer if necessary. Sip a little at a time but don’t skip the water.


We can easily fall into complaining mode or find time to overthink things. This creates a negative pattern of thinking and you will not find peace to focus. Be around people who are brimming with positivity. We can inculcate a few things they do and avoid people who are always finding unproductive things to do or say. Let’s be kind and do our best to make a healthier interaction.


How to increase productivity at work efficiently?

How to increase productivity at work efficiently?

1.  Eat the frog first thing in the morning

Not literally of course! Brain Tracy coined this phrase to emphasize how important it is to do tasks that are hard to do first thing in the morning. For any task that you are not confident to complete, put that on the list of priorities. Gradually you can move to tasks that are less taxing on you. 

This way you will get the dopamine after completing it. Gradually you will be able to complete the other tasks as they are relatively easy to do and so you can end the day better.

This method also ensures you keep the momentum and you will increase efficiency. Make sure to take limited break time and get to work to not lose momentum.

 2.  Be at present 

It’s hard to do the job at work when things are overwhelming. Most of the time we are trying to race against time and feel like we cannot accomplish certain tasks.

Accept that not all day you can get the same amount of productivity. Some days you can work for long hours and yet not complete the tasks and other days you will accomplish all on your to-do list.

We have to let go of the idea of multitasking and acknowledge our limits. Take one task at a time and focus on executing with great quality. Otherwise, you will have to spend extra time due to your own negligence.

3.  Create a good workspace

Our surroundings reflect what’s going on in our minds. Organise your space well. Place everything you need where you can easily find them.

The workspace should be clutter-free. Otherwise, you are more likely to spend time finding things than getting to work.

4.  Delegate the tasks well

Many take up work more than they can handle and realise it’s not their cup of tea. On a managerial level, managers have to understand who can take up what kind of job. Knowing your employees and colleagues well contributes to understanding their capabilities and assigning accordingly to reduce micromanagement which everyone detests.

Give room to breathe, so you don’t have to be on the lookout. This way you will have more time and help you relax more to work with a clearer mind.

5. Exercise

 Keep your body active and healthy with some workouts. These sessions do not have to be very time-consuming. You can do some basic squats, calf raises, or sit-ups during your break too. Or take some time out to play a game that physically demands you to move around energetically. This helps our brain to work actively.

 Many think workouts have to be done in the gym or that it takes hours of commitment which is far from the truth.

 Work out 3 times a week for 20 mins and gradually increase it if you like it.

Studies have shown employees who use the company gym have more productivity, so take time out to work out for your health.

 6. Sleep well

If you are well rested you can be at your best. Never compromise on your sleep cycle and have a fixed time to wake up every day

Once your circadian cycle is messed with, you will have a lot of side effects that will affect your mind and body. There is no number of hours recommended. Sleep till you get the rest you need.



Most of the time we forget we need to slow down in this fast-paced life. Take a moment to reflect on how you have been treating yourself. Make the necessary changes in diet and routine if needed and always get a well-rested sleep.

You will avoid making any poor decisions this way and spend time intentionally. Be consistent with the changes you implement in your life. Gradually you will see an increase in productivity in every area of your life.


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