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Coffee With Coach | Mr. Mayur Pangrekar |Life/Business Coach | SkillsRediscovery

Mayur is a life coach and corporate trainer with 21 years of industry experience in the USA and India. He has helped more than 300 people including students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs through 1 to 1 coaching to achieve their career and business goals. He has also conducted training programs (online and on-site) for organizations in manufacturing, IT, consulting companies, interior designing, education, medical centers, and colleges. More than 10,000 people worldwide have benefitted from his video courses on soft skills, personal development, and entrepreneurship. He is a certified NLP coach and practitioner trained by Dr. Vivek Bindra on Entrepreneurship. Mr. Mayur Pangrekar’s course on self-awareness in an interactive environment gives practical knowledge and inspires students or clients to think, act and implement an action plan for themselves. During the course, your coach will cover the following topics about self-awareness – history of self-awareness self-awareness a meta-skill in 21st century assessment of your self-awareness level models and concepts

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