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How To Create MIS-Dashboard Using MS-Excel

How To Create MIS-Dashboard Using MS-Excel

Webinar Alert Folks!!!💥💥

Get Ready to becomeana MS-Excel professional🧑‍🏫 now when you are going to learn MIS Dynamic Dashboard☑️

What is a MIS Dashboard?

A management Information System(MIS)🧑‍💻🧑‍⚖️ organizes #information for management and key decisions. 📋

With a strong market📊 #demand and a lack of supply, this is your chance now to grab this opportunity and learn this not-taught 📓📓in school SKILL🧑‍🎓

What will you learn?🤷🤷‍♀️

MIS Dashboard

Making use of the below, professional MIS Dashboard & Reports📈📉

Online practice 💻📱will also be offered post the #MS-Excel file is shared

👉Data Validation📉

✅Input Message📩

✅Error Alert- Stop?🚫

✅Warning/ Information & more⚠️

👉Conditional Formatting🖥️

✅Only Top/bottom ranked values🔝

✅Use a formula to

 determine which cells to format📶


✅All cells based on their values

✅Only cells that contain

✅Only values that are above or below average

✅Only unique or Duplicate Values

👉Pivot Table📊

✅Insert Pivot Table🅿️

✅Main Pivot Table View📑

✅Calculated fields


✅Value Field Settings

✅Show values as

✅Insert pivot chart

✅Defer layout update

Okay!!! With so many technical tools 🖊️🖋️📓you need someone experienced🥇🎗️ and professional 💫to teach you. And surprise folks @skillsrediscovery just have the right person for you…

Our IT Consultant and Corporate trainer🧑‍🏫 Mr. Manoj Chakerwarti with over 33 years of experience.

It will be a 3 hour #webinar in which you’ll have loads of practice of MIS Dashboard in #MS-Excel.

Date: 17th September, 2022

Time:  06:00 P.M. 

So, ❎Don’t even try to miss this golden 🥇 #opportunity

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