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Intro to MUST-HAVE skills for Guaranteed SUCCESS in any field

  1. A Certified Happiness and Career Coach, a Life Skills Trainer, and a published author.

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Som Kolekar.

Mr. Kolekar is an Engineering and Management graduate and has more than 15 years of extensive Corporate experience. However, eventually, he realized that his academic success and corporate lifestyle were not able to give him the kind of life he always wanted to live.

After this realization, he courageously turned towards basic and timeless human skills. Today, he is one of the most inspiring and insightful Life and Career Coaches. Moreover, he’s also a recognized Life Skills Trainer and gives people expert training on Emotional Intelligence, Mandatory Skills, 21st Century Skills, and much more.

His goal, as a Happiness Coach, is to help as many people as possible lead a happy, regret-free life. As a Trainer, he aims at helping people develop the necessary, timeless skills that one should have to become successful in their professional as well as personal life. He is also a celebrated writer and the author of the book “The Indian Ikigai”.

Through Som Kolekar’s course “MUST-HAVE skills for Guaranteed SUCCESS in any field” on SkillsRediscovery, you can learn the skills needed to face challenges today and in the future. You’ll also learn how to pick the right career for yourself. Additionally, you’ll learn how to gracefully pick yourself up from failures and disappointments. Here’s what you can learn from this webinar:

1. Skills everyone should work on or start developing like:

  • Soft Skills
  • Life Skills and Life-Saving Skills
  • Real Skills
  • Non-negotiable
  • Skills Mandatory Skills

2. How to start learning and using these skills in your life

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