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Fashion Designing and it’s Basic Principles

Fashion Designing and it’s Basic Principles

Full-fill your dreams of a glamorous career by doing a Fashion Designing Course 101

The fashion industry is a very glamorous field, and due to its charm, many youngsters who have a creative side get attracted to this. It gives them a chance to showcase their innovative designs.

However, to establish yourself as a designer, you need to be creative and hardworking. You should have a zeal to experiment with various patterns and create compelling designs.

Still, you are not sure about learning a fashion designing course; I will give you five reasons to enroll in a fashion designing course.

Five reasons to enroll in a fashion designing course:

  1. Give you a chance to show your creativity: This course is best for students with a creative mind. I give you limitless opportunities to showcase your fabulous designs that meet the demands of clients across the world. You can create anything ranging from apparel, accessories, handbags, shoes, and scarves. All you need is a certification course that makes you ready to mark your presence in the industry.
  1. An ocean of opportunities: We commonly know that fashion designing is dressing up a model who will walk on the ramp. But your thinking is wrong; the fashion designing industry has many avenues. It gives various opportunities for people to earn a good income along with the name and fame. The demand for a fashion designer is increasing because many fashion-savvy people wish to look trendy and stylish. You can work for a well-known fashion house as a fashion designer. Apart from this, you can work for a fashion magazine, write fashion blogs, become a fashion critique and even work as a fashion stylist for any celebrity. A good fashion designing course can help you to establish yourself in the textile industry.
  1. Path to set up your own business: A study shows that 25% of fashion designers have their firm. It has happened because they pursued a fashion designing course from a reputed institute. They gain skills and knowledge that help them to start their venture. After completing the fashion designing course101 from skillsrediscovery, you will be equipped with the right skills and gain confidence to start your business.
  1. Can have a challenging profession: Fashion designing is a dynamic field where the trends keep changing every day. So, the designers are expected to be updated with the current trends and keep their designs fresh and appalling. If you love to take challenge them, it is the right choice for you. You have to struggle at the beginning. But, once you get established there is no looking back for you. When celebrities or renowned people wear your designs, the joy of experiencing this is impeccable. Moreover, once people notice your work, they will invite you to attend fashion events across the globe.
  2. Become a fashionist and shine out from the crowd: Doing a fashion designing course will bring out your best talent from your inner soul. It is not a regular 9 to 5 job but a profession that encourages you to do experiments. If you love to try your hands at designing clothes, and accessories then this course is for you.

Enroll in Fashion designing course 101 from SkillsRediscovery to get broad knowledge and skills for the fashion designing industry to start your dynamic career. 

How can you learn fashion designing and make a career in it?

We have discussed the reasons to learn fashion design. Now we will tell you how you can quickly learn fashion designing. What courses and basic knowledge did you have before enrolling for this course?.

  1. Pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing: If designing is your passion and you want to be a pioneer in this industry, then you gain in-depth knowledge about this glamorous world. A budding fashion-oriented person who wishes to be a successful designer can take admission to a fashion designing college because this helps you to be industry-ready.  A fashion designing course helps you to understand the working of the fashion industry. You will know the history of fashion designing, textiles clothing, designing an outfit and managing a fashion event
  2. Gain knowledge from the origin to present scenario in fashion designing: Fashion designing is a beautiful art. So it becomes crucial to know its history it. Famous fashion designers were previously the student of Philosophy of Art, which help to state their ideas and keep them at assigned places. Some well-known fashion designers who set a benchmark in the industry are Vera Wang, Oscar De La Renta, or Vivienne Westwood.
  3. Start making contacts in the industry: While you are a student, you can build good connections in the fashion industry. Interacting and communicating within the industry will give you a lot of benefits when you begin your career. You can take paid or unpaid internships that provide experience in this field. Since it is not easy for a beginner to get a job, few internships will give you enough experience, and you can give your best to prove your potential as a designer. Hence, it will become easier for you to get a job if any recommendation is there from your previous clients.
  4. Discover Expertise Area: After completing the course, ask yourself which sector of fashion designing will give you pleasure and satisfaction both at the same time. You will find your expertise area that you can pursue professionally after a fashion designing course. Your expertise area can be designing men’s wear, kid’s wear, women’s wear, sportswear, or accessories. This thought will clear your vision, and you can see a clear path for a successful fashion designer.
  5. Convert fashion designing skills business-oriented: Fashion is an extensive and intricate form of art. Some well-known fashion designers said, “You can succeed in the fashion industry only if you have understood the business aspect too”. That gives you more information on running your venture successfully and unusual ways to promote your brand.
  6. Make your portfolio: If you wish to become a successful fashion designer and earn an appreciation from your fellow guys, you need to explain your design learn during an online fashion designing course through an eye-catchy portfolio. It is significant to ensure that you have done all your assignments sincerely as it helps to get your dream job.

Maintaining a good portfolio will showcase all your skills, including sketching, sewing, and pattern making.

You are doing a fashion designing course, and while doing it, you should know a few skills and gain knowledge that can stand you out from the crowd.

Also, your chances of getting a job will increase. I am sharing a list of things that you can do while doing a fashion designing course over the next year.

20 Steps to strengthen your fashion knowledge and skills:

  1. Follow professional fashion designers on social media that help you to learn more about fashion design skills. Also, give a review of their work.
  2.  You can track fashion designing colleges to get updated content. You can even participate in college events and competitions to gain more exposure and knowledge.
  3. Subscribe for a fashion newsletter from renowned fashion houses and get trending information about the fashion industry.
  4. Buy books online from Amazon that are useful to read for a fashion designer. 
  5. Visit any museum that is on the theme of the fashion industry.
  6. Search for any fashion designer that lives in your area. You can contact him and ask to work with him for free in your leisure time. When you visit their place and work with them, you will get experience in this field that will help you in the future to start your venture.
  7. Start your fashion blog and write trendy articles on fashion designing. You can do deep research on any topic and write a series of articles on that topic. In this way, you will learn more about a particular topic.
  8. Never forget to take feedback for your work because it makes you better than before. Ask your friends, family members, colleagues, and even boss for feedback. You can ask the client for feedback or what else they wish to see better for next time. It will support you and help in fulfilling your personal development goals.
  9. Always take inspiration from people whom you admire the most. Such people have certain qualities that make them stand out. What qualities do you want to have in yourself from these people? What steps do you take to acquire these qualities?
  10. Approach a mentor or coach. That person will guide you in the right direction and refine your skills to achieve your goals.
  11. Youtube has become an open-source platform for everyone to learn whatever they wish. You can watch one good educational video every day.
  12. You can also become a fashion Youtuber and add educational fashion videos to your youtube channel.
  13. Join Twitter and Instagram for fashion conversations.
  14. Use Pinterest to collect fashion information.
  15. Contact students who are taking degrees in fashion designing. Ask them what they want to know before starting the course and how much they have learned during the sessions?
  16. Learn to make freehand illustrations.
  17. Learn using Adobe Illustrator for creating exciting fashion illustrations.
  18. Try to design five handbags, five belts, five pairs of shoes, and a jacket. Showcase them in your portfolio.
  19. Work volunteer in a branded clothing store and analyze how the retail stores work. Understand the process of how clothes are manufactured and kept for display.
  20. Take an online fashion designing course 101 from the skillsrediscovery platform.

These 20 steps will make you better, imbibe you with confidence, and feel more positive as a fashion designer. So now it is time to take action on these points to begin your journey as a fashion designer.

Benefits of doing an Online Fashion Designing Course:

After completing a course in fashion designing, what benefits can you get as a fashion designer? Let us discuss them.

  • Become a mentor or guide who can advise students in the right direction.
  • Once you get the mastery, you can put your career on the fast track by becoming a fashion consultant.
  • Learn the unknown secrets to becoming a fashion stylist in months.
  • The best benefit of doing a fashion designing course is that it improves your creative skill, and provides exposure for changing trends and demands of customers every year within industry.

These skills will help you to get an encouraging opportunity in this fashion business.

Several types of fashion designers are doing different kinds of fashion activities within the industry. You have to decide your sector to start working in according to your choice and area of interest.

The following are various types of fashion designers:

  • Clothing Designers – They create apparel for men’s, women’s, and children’s. The variety of clothing includes casual wear, suits, sportswear, evening wear, outerwear, and maternity wear.
  • Footwear Designers – They create a variety of shoes and boots. They use lightweight, synthetic material for making shoe soles. They are required to produce new comfortable designer shoes and light in weight to wear.
  • Accessory Designers – They design accessories like handbags, suitcases, belts, scarves, and hats. They also produce hosiery and eyewear.
  • Costume Designers – They design costumes for the artist that performs on television and motion pictures. It includes researching the character, time duration of wearing the outfit, and the demand from the director that gives the character an ultimate look.


Career opportunities in the fashion designing industry.

After completing a fashion designing course, ample opportunities are waiting for you in the industry. We have discussed various sectors of the fashion designing industry. Here we will share the career paths that you can follow after completing the course.

  1. Join any textile or export house: Fashion designers design apparel, including jewelry and footwear for any garment or textile exporter house. They are designed according to the needs of the customer.
  2. Join textile manufacturing unit: Designers design the fabric and make the specification as per the needs of clients. If the cloth is according to their demand, they order for bulk manufacturing.
  3. Design clothing for branded showrooms: Fashion designers design collections based on a theme or for festival season. These collections are displayed in branded stores across the country. These collections are admired by people and are in high demand.
  4. Design clothes for Television and film industry: The clothes are composed for the characters in film or Television shows. 
  5. You can open your boutique: You can become an independent fashion designer by opening your boutique
  6. Teaching in any fashion designing college: You can join any college that offers a degree course in fashion designing. You can share your experience and knowledge with budding fashion designers



Fashion designing is a very profitable and dazzling career for all those who have a creative side and are passionate about designing new art. Today you have opportunities to choose from, either it is apparel designing, jewelry designing, shoe designing, accessories designing, and many more. So do not wait for the right time, grab the online fashion designing course 101 from SkillsRediscovery and have a fulfilled career. People who have talent will surely get success and desired profit for their work.

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