Vocational Education Training and Placement in Germany

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  • Vocational training courses can be your ticket to a permanent career in the German job market. Approximately two-thirds of apprentices have found permanent positions in the company after completing vocational training. After completing the program, you will obtain a complete professional qualification from the institute and earn a good income. One of the benefits of working with the same training company is that you already know your company, your work and your colleagues, which will surely benefit you.
  • Vocational training allows you to adapt to the changes in the future. The German labor market is in great demand for skilled workers who have received vocational training and can adapt to new changes in the future. In some fields, there is even more demand for vocational trainees than college graduates as vocational trainees have the required skills and are experienced in their work.

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What is Vocational Training in Germany?

Vocational training prepares you for occupation or work that requires a special set of skills, such as a, hotel management trainee, chef, manager, IT specialist, technician, craftsman, or electrician. This can include classroom teaching, practical training, or a combination of the two. However, vocational training takes place outside the formal education system to gain practical knowledge and usually results in a vocational qualification certificate or diploma. You can directly receive vocational training as an apprentice from an experienced employer regardless of whether you have a formal qualification or not.

Some examples of vocational training programs are tailoring courses, warehouse specialist, supply chain management, hotel management, healthcare worker, banking trade, IT specialist, cooking classes, jewelry designing courses, pottery classes, etc.

Importance of Vocational Training Programs

Following are a few reasons related to the importance of vocational training:

  • It provides you with the required skills and professional training. You can complete vocational training programs outside the formal education system or at the same time along with your formal education.
  • It allows you to find a high-paying job or career almost immediately after completing the programme.
  • After completing the vocational training, you will receive a certificate issued by an independent organisation, proving that your skills and position are better than applicants without formal training.
  • Vocational training helps you in improving your work efficiency and being more productive in your job.
  • The utility of vocational training is direct and obvious.
  • It provides learning opportunities for those who have lost formal education or are uncertain about attending school.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to learn the skills that you like and change your career almost at any time.
  • It provides employment opportunities in small cities and towns, thereby preventing the population from migrating to big cities.
  • Most professional skills are universal, enabling you to work in other countries too.
  • It provides skilled and trained workers to the market and industry.

You must have heard people talking about vocational training in Germany, but do you know why?

It is because of the Skilled Immigration Act of Germany.

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