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Role of Other Industries in Growing E-learning Sector

There are various technology-driven as well as education-related companies that play a significant role in making online education feasible. In fact, without these technologically advanced educational companies, the online training industry wouldn’t have come into existence and get incorporated into our way of living.

Presently, when a majority of the countries are imposing a lockdown again, the entire online education sector is continuing to function smoothly and flawlessly.

Numerous educational and technologically advanced companies all over the world have worked immensely hard to establish this huge online education system or online training industry and shaping it into a successful venture for all.

However, the next question that might pop up in your head after reading this is must be how these companies made this even possible? And exactly what services these companies offer to the industry of online education to help it become such an immense success? Well, these companies infused themselves with the amazing advancements of technology, and with the help of such innovations, these companies can provide innumerable benefits to our society as well as contribute to the development of the education industry. The impeccable adoption of ways of Global Online learning as well as Indian Learning Methods with the progression in technology is giving the leading edge to the online education industry to outgrow and reach new heights.

Well now let’s discuss these specific companies and their impeccable services that they provide to the online education industry. This list includes:

  • Dexler – Dexler is one of the most popular and largest online education companies. It initially commenced in 2001. The company performs all its main functions from Bangalore as its registered office is situated in Bangalore. The Dexler online education company provides uniquely structured and supremely designed courses to hundreds and thousands of students around the world. This company provides specifically customized courses as per the purpose and goals of every individual or student. It also offers specific industry-based courses, various e-learning methods as well as a friendly user interface. This company primarily deals in online education as well as online education consultation. The Dexler company majorly focuses on ecosystem, languages, technology as well as technical aspects of the online education industry.


  • Byju’s – Byju’s is a well-known and well-established company in Bangalore India. Byju’s offers its valuable services and professionally designed courses plus the online education material to thousands of students every month. Byju’s has created many of its education applications (is one of this kind) that are smoothly accessible from a smartphone device. With its high technological breakthroughs and skilled team of experts, Byju’s runs highly interactive, engaging, and informative educational programs. It is regarded as one of the best companies that provide all the benefits of being an online coach as well. Online trainers can join Byju’s for training students with innovative online solutions.The programs that Byju’s provides are highly effective for school students. Moreover, with the course content on Byju’s, an individual can also prepare for CAT, IIT-JEE, GRE, Or IAS.


  • Edu comp – Edu comp solutions is a Gurgaon-based company. The prime aim of this company is to modify the traditional methods of Education and provide smart ways to learn and improve knowledge regarding numerous fields of subjects. Edu comp is one of the many companies that has trained more than 30 million students from 65000 educational institutions in the period last decade. By improving the methods of learning and providing impeccable tools and advanced study material; Edu comp has contributed a significant share in modifying the entire Indian education system. In the present Edu comp is also working on other smart and efficient online education methods to push the industry forward towards success.


  • Simplilearn – This online education company is based in various countries such as San Francisco, Bangalore, and California. With Simplilearn innovative and unique online education solutions, hundreds and thousands of students can continue their learning and education even during this time of social distancing and spread of Covid -19 deadly pandemic. Simplilearn offers various courses in the field of Cybersecurity, Digital marketing, Data science, and other cloud computing projects. Simplilearn has taken the wholesome responsibility to reach every student and offer them high quality and professional learning with the help of advanced technology tools.


  • Zeus learning – Another top leading company in the online training industry is Zeus learning. This online education portal has its headquarters situated in Maharashtra, Mumbai. Zeus company has its prime focus on creating informative and interactive online educational solutions that are based on HTML5. This online education system includes Mobile apps, Online platform newly developed innovations, and other various high-tech related solutions for e-learning. The Zeus learning online education system is a role model to everybody and provides courses, online classes as well as interactive live sessions to students all around the globe. Within a short span of time, this company has topped the list as having one of the most unique online training setups with its informative and incomparable online.


  • Merit nation – This online education company is a startup initiated by Applet Learning Systems. Merit nation has its registered office based in Delhi and is providing its amazing services and unparalleled analytically and logically reasoned material to learners via online platforms at nominal budget costs. The online courses and study material provided at Merit nation is to prepare the school students for their examinations. These Online Courses are fundamentally designed and extremely helpful for preparing 12th class students to gain good scores in their final board exams. This online education company has infused itself with innovative and high-tech solutions of advanced technology and is turning out to be effective in providing these to students in these classes all around the world. Merit nation does not only help students in studying and understanding complicated, tough, and challenging concepts but also tests their knowledge and skills with assignments, test series, and exams so that they are fully prepared for the final match.


  • Excelsoft – This online education platform was firstly initiated in the year 2000. This platform has been ranked as one of the top leading educational companies in This online platform is popular for its remarkable and effective online training strategies that are changing the Methodology of Education in India. There is no match for Excelsoft because it is amending and improving the way students study and prepare for their lives and careers. Excelsoft provides online classes, live sessions, test series, informative online preparation material, and interactive sessions with various professional online trainers as professors from all over the globe. Excelsoft has created an online application that is popularly known as SARAS. It is an online learning platform on which individuals enjoy studying and prepare for their upcoming future.

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