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Seven Reasons Why You Must Opt For Student Exchange Programmes

Why You Must Opt For Student Exchange Programmes

Every country has its own culture, language, beliefs and education system. Each of these countries has a great culture. Maybe one from another country cannot understand ‘Why do the people from Japan value silence in the workplace?’, but every citizen of Japan understands the essence of it. To you, it may seem a tad odd, but every culture has its distinct meaning and only when you start living there, will the people understand it. Now not everyone has the opportunity to live in other countries, so how will people be aware of the various cultures around the world?

Thankfully our ancestors already answered our predicament. The answer is Student Exchange Programmes! Full points to our ancestors!

Now your question is ‘What do you mean by Student Exchange Programme?

Student exchange programme refers to a reciprocal travel programme where a student is allowed to study abroad hosted by a partner institution and in return, they have to host the same school at a later stage.

Just like when the nomads felt confused while first seeing the fire, the people were wary of this concept because this was something new and would change the mindset of many people. Some people appreciated this concept and some did not. Well, it’s the year 2021 now and if you still believe Student Exchange Programmes are not good, this blog will help you change your mind.

#Awareness of the culture:

An exchange student will be aware of that country’s culture, religion and lifestyle. In this retrospect, the student will know if he enjoys that culture or if that culture is not cut out for him. Let’s say a student named Alice from America moves to Japan to study arts. Now she packed all her Branded footwear. After landing in the school, she became aware of the fact that the people in Japan walk barefoot in schools. This cultural difference will make Alice tolerant of Japan’s culture and customs.

#An added language to your Resume:

The exchange student will have to master the local language to communicate with the people of that country. This will be a plus point and look good on your resume. Besides, you could also take a part-time job as an interpreter to cover your daily expenses.


Living in a different country at such a young age will make you independent and you will never need to depend on anyone in your life for anything. Living in a different country will teach you to take care of your daily allowance, which will make you prioritise your needs. You will learn to plan and organise your day.

#Character Development:

The exchange students will not only learn the subject matter from that school but also learn how to mingle with his/her roommates, be adjusting towards them, be tolerant and patient which are the qualities that will boost their character development.

#Different teaching methodology:

The student will learn the concepts in a different teaching methodology such as role-plays part-time, simulation, debates, and field trips, which will impart a lot of practical knowledge compared to just the theoretical knowledge imparted to them.

#Better Employment Opportunities: 

If the exchange students prove their capability, they will get first preference for the job as they are already aware of that country’s culture and customs. Also, many companies look for students who have taken a part in The Student Exchange Programme.

The graph below shows the percentage of changes in Indian student mobility to the top receiving seven countries;2005-2015. This graph indicates that people have become aware of the fact that exchange students will get far better employment opportunities if they participate in the exchange programmes.

Source: IIE, UNESCO, education ministries of Canada, New Zealand and Germany

Source: IIE, UNESCO, education ministries of Canada, New Zealand and Germany

#Low cost:

Many people have this misconception that student exchange programmes are expensive, it costs the same fees that you are paying in your university. It’s just that you are studying in a different country, but the fees are the same.

#New network:

The exchange student will get the opportunity to make lifelong friends who will later on even maybe become their business partner. Having a friend in a foreign country makes your life a little scary and group studies are always the best way to learn anything new be it language, culture, or even the subject.

#Freedom to Travel

You will get a chance to travel around the country in your free time and get to see the beautiful sightseeing places without any restrictions. If you love to try different food then best to make a list with your friends and try the special dishes of that country.

#Global Exposure:

Taking part in a student exchange programme will give you global exposure. You will become more confident about yourself and will find it easy to communicate with people across cultures.

Perhaps, the above pointers do not feel really appealing to you. Maybe you want to stick to India because you believe in the system. You believe that the Indian education system is far better than any other country. According to the Indian Education Study Abroad Portal, the United States of America ranks as the best education system in the world, followed by Switzerland, Denmark and the UK. The investment in studying abroad is a little high I agree, but you have brilliant scholarships schemes that will help you to study abroad. To pursue your master’s degree all you need is to clear the IELTS entrance exam.

What are the key ingredients to Achieve your Desired IELTS Score?

Cracking the IELTS entrance exam is not that easy, although it is achievable. You just need to focus on the key skills and strategies that are vital for each module. Learning the IELTS course will not only help you to score better but make you coordinate your senses such as sight-eyes, hearing-ears, hand movement for writing. Your IELTS score is just one component, but a very essential one for you to study abroad or to be selected for a student exchange programme. If you have the will, you can achieve your desired IELTS score! And fulfil your dream to get a degree from the best Ivy-League School with the best job opportunities.

In the end, If you want to get a life-altering experience then this objective is within your reach provided you research these Student Exchange Programmes well and choose the best programme.

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