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The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Coaching Business

Virtual Education Business sounds very classy, right? If you would have gone to an investor to pitch in your idea of starting a Virtual Education Business say a few years back, he would have done a standard drug test on you and this would have been a prospective content for the director of Kabir Singh.

This concept did start a few years back but people put it into practice quite recently actually. The first-ever completely online course was offered in 1984 by the University of Toronto, say what now? Does this mean that many students could have stayed at home and studied? Yes, you could pretty much have studied from home had you been aware of it. I mean India was an independent country by then, we even had electronic computers which were introduced in the year 1955 by “Samarendra Kumar Mitra” so what was the actual problem?

The answer is that a majority of Indians were not science geeks. Only if “The Big Bang Theory” show started in the year 1990, the evolution of E-learning would have been sooner and the people would have been comfortable with online coaching to this date. Life can’t be that simple, no?

At present, we are fortunate to have various apps that can be used to learn virtually. Other than apps we have E-learning sites such as Udemy, Byjus, Coursera, My Captain, Khan Academy, Topper, and many more. These enterprises are earning a whopping amount since the initial lockdown.

If you wish to earn like them then maybe this blog could guide you and tell you the tricks that no one wants you to know.

  • Make a plan. Plan the new courses that the students want, find teachers who have deep knowledge about these courses.
  • The competition is definitely high, so you need to decide upon a unique curriculum that your platform would provide
  • You should target the apt audience, whether you want to teach at the elementary level, High school, or University students.
  • Offer your services at a reasonable price. If there is anything Indians love more than anything is discounts and cheap prices.
  • Discover the best online platform based on the strength of your class. If you have 100 students go for platforms such as zoom, Google meet.
  • You should recruit mentors who have deep knowledge of the industry, tech-savvy.
  • Have a great marketing team. Posting teasers on social media about your organisation is always a plus point.
  • Have a backup plan. In case of failure of the first plan, think of a second plan and objective which is sustainable.
  • Affiliate your institution which a university, so that the students can avail themselves certificates as well.

These tips will surely help you to start a virtual education business and just be consistent, market your courses, keep changing the curriculum, work on the feedback of the students. Hopefully, this blog has answered your questions.

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