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What Does it Take to Become No.1 Online Trainer?

Are you a trainer who wants to make use of the Pandemic and teach online? Do you have a passion for teaching, but scared of the competition? Then maybe this blog will help you to become the number one trainer.

Tips on how to be the No. 1 Trainer that no one told you about-

1. Informative lectures:

Your lectures should have a lot of information that is not found in any textbooks.

2. Be Creative:

In an online platform, try to be creative, just like “Ram Shankar Nikumbh”(The character Aamir Khan played) from Taare Zameen Par, remember you do not want to be “The Virus” from the movie the 3 Idiots.

3. Recorded Classes:

Always record your classes so that the students can access them later on if they missed a class or just generally to brush up.

4. Give Incentives:

Ask the students to prepare for a mock quiz and whoever answers it right gets additional credits. Do not use the stick approach, they will start hating you.

5. Motivation:

Figure out the different ways to motivate the students to listen to class or do assignments because at one point in time they will feel bored and frustrated.

6. Take Feedback:

Always ask the students to fill in a form anonymously about your teaching methods and what changes do they want.

7. Conduct fun activities:

Allot at least one hour of the week to let the students decide what type of fun activity do they want whether it’s Dumb Charades, Shipwreck, Pictionary. These activities will make the students feel refreshed and de-stress them.

8. Be good with technology:

Learn how to move around the computer, be good with MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and use graphs, videos to explain the concepts.

Overall, just be updated to the new trends in the technology, experiment with different approaches and see which approach works best for you. Your wish to be the best online mentor is definitely achievable.

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