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Why Fear from 12th Science of CBSE Board?

Are you a student of CBSE Class 12th and are going to appear for the Board exams this year? However, because of the modern style of education of online classes If you are still not prepared for your science CBSE Class 12th exam then you have landed in the right place.

We are here to help you, guide you, and instruct you on how to score good marks in your Science board exam.

With our SkillsRediscovery online course in science, you can prepare yourself for your 12th class science board exam in merely 6 weeks. Moreover, with SkillsRediscovery, you can also prepare for your science practical exams via our online classes and live sessions.

At SkillsRediscovery, every individual gets to learn from the most prominent as well as experienced professors in the world. As we know SkillsRediscovery is the largest and most renowned skills sharing platform in the entire Asia but we welcome professors and applicants for online courses from every corner of the world.


An individual who successfully finished the online course for 12th Science CBSE can apply for various career opportunities such as:

Doctor – An individual that signs up for this online course for the 12th Science CBSE exams and finishes it successfully, can prepare for his MBBS exam later. An individual can become a doctor in his preferred stream in his future. With an additional science course and a high score in his MBBS degree, an individual can practice and become a successful Doctor.

Engineer – Most of the prestigious engineering colleges in the country do give weightage to your science and maths score in 12th class. Scoring high marks in science and mathematics is a kind of security for availing a seat in a good college.

Teacher – An individual can pursue his career as a teacher or professor of Science. An individual can become a teacher and teach other students the challenging concepts of Science. Teaching the other students can also keep you updated about the developments and advancements in the Science industry.

Scientist – An individual can also pursue his career as a scientist. With this online course in science for 12th CBSE, you can prepare to clear your base topics of science advanced subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

An individual can prepare further and study advanced subjects in the future but making the base concepts strong and clear is incredibly essential.


  • SkillsRediscovery provides various online courses in numerous subjects. However doing the online course for 12th Science CBSE during this time of the lockdown can be incredibly beneficial for you, your health as well as your family.
  • With SkillsRediscovery online courses, you don’t need to move out of the house.
  • You can learn and develop your skills as well as knowledge by sitting in your house in your comfort zone.
  • Don’t you think it will be way easier if you get to study and learn while being in your comfort zone? Moreover, with this online course, you don’t need to readjust your daily routine or schedule for attending the online sessions or live classes.
  • An individual can also contact the professors in case of any doubts or queries relating to the online course till the online course finishes.
  • Moreover, at SkillsRediscovery, our expert support team is always available for you in case of any queries or troubles related to the online course for 12th science CBSE.


This Online course for 12th science CBSE has the most simple and basic eligibility criteria. The criteria for applying for the online course is as follows:

  • A high-speed Broadband.
  • A laptop or a computer or a tablet or any other digital device in which an individual can attend the online courses.
  • Identification proof of ID Cards such as Pan Card, Aadhar Card, and more


If you are interested to apply or sign up for this online course for 12th science CBSE then all you have to do is to fill up our course inquiry form.

Moreover, you can also contact our support team at any time from anywhere at

In case of any queries or issues with the online course, you can call us at (+91) 882 610 0999 or write us your query at

Our team will get in touch with you as expeditiously as possible.

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