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Why Online Coaching will Change the Education Landscape of India?

The pandemic has hit the world really bad, schools and universities got shut down, there was complete lockdown all over the world. The busy buzz of the cities was no longer heard. The whole world was uncertain about the future. However, ‘the show must go on; the government decided to conduct classes online, which became “The New Normal”

The teachers were trained rigorously to get comfortable with the online platforms. They had to finalise which online platform works best for them and the students whether it’s Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Skype.

What are the different pieces of training that can be provided to the students?

1. Career: Personal and professional development, including the development of hard and soft skills.

2. Sports: Nutrition, diet training, physical conditioning, athletic training.

3. Executive: Executive development training.

4. Wellness: Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, therapy, or other health-related issues.

5. Businesses: How to start, run and sustain a business.

6. Life: Religion, finances, family, lifestyle, or other personal concerns.

The traditional way of teaching is being replaced by online teaching all over the world, even the small tuition centers are conducting classes online with minimum cost. I mean who would have imagined such a scenario that teaching can be done from home. Had a person told the people that teaching can be done online from home through platforms such as Google Meet and teachers would use Google Jam board or PowerPoints instead of blackboard, the people would have laughed so mad declaring that person mad.

Today that’s our reality. It is happening and it’s benefiting not only the students but the teachers as well.

How can online coaching benefit the people of India?

1. People can learn from home and avoid the risk of catching the virus

2. An online trainer can reach students from different countries on one single platform.

3. Your parents will not have to go to those parent-teachers meeting anymore.

4. Online training is not only teaching the students the subject matter but also how to behave in a virtual meeting.

5. With the modernization of education, teachers are able to make use of visual representations to trap the focus of the students

Nothing in life is perfect, so when there are benefits there should also be some drawbacks right?

What are the most common drawbacks of online coaching?

1. Not everyone in India has access to a strong internet connection or have enough money to purchase digital devices.

2. Online teaching is tough for practical subjects as not every student will have access to lab resources.

3. It is very tough for teachers to grab the attention of the younger students.

4. The students will not give proper feedback regarding how to improve the classes.

5. The lack of physical contact, can result in social isolation which further results in stress, mental illness.

Online Coaching System will therefore influence the Education System and Patterns of Teaching in India in both positive and negative ways, but right now it is a growing need of the hour and also the savior of India’s future amidst the pandemic.

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