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Why Photography is the most preferred skill course? – by Ishwaraya Sarvanan

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course?

Earlier 90’s when digital photography was not invented, people used to click photos with film rolls. Old cameras had photography film rolled so that capture picture gets into the rolls. Giving life to capture certain chemicals was used. Do you remember the room with certain colours of red which is mostly shown in thriller films? That’s right, that is room for developing the film rolls. Photographs were developed without sunlight and that’s why old photographs die easily. Their chemical compositions get run out over time creating a blurred image.

Nowadays it’s easy to click a picture and get stored. Many people are flaunting their photography skills on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and creating a brand name for themselves. The Digital era has changed the look of photography. Just one click and upload it on social media platforms.

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course?


This digital change also influenced the smartphone makers to create quad range cameras with more pixies. Still, many people are in love with DSLR cameras.DSLR cameras give a better story as compared to other digital cameras and that’s why it’s still number one in the markets.

Photography is a creative and skilled platform. If you are creative enough to click a good picture, you can sustain the markets. You don’t need experience in photography but you just need the right chance and skills to prove yourself as a good photographer. A good photograph should speak on its own story concerning its background and other materials which are present at the location.


Traditional photography gave many employment opportunities in the photography industry. Frequent use of studios gave a huge sum of money to photographers and owners of studios. Digital photography ruled out traditional photography which gave a less chance to visit studios.

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course?


The lockdown has forced every industry to shut down, even the photography industry. The demand for photographer jobs is less nowadays. Amidst covid days, there was a sparkling up of weddings back to back following government norms. Government norms include social distancing and wedding guests up to 50. This in turn affected the salaries of photographers and their livelihood. The rise of the fashion industry gave many opportunities to photographers as well as upcoming models. Amateurs are still searching for jobs which are little in this pandemic. As a result, the photography industry is down.


Photography is an art that needs a lot of creativity and brainstorming ideas. Apart from being creative, patience and practice is key to unlocking a good photographer. In recent times trending digital photography is giving a handful of opportunities to photographers. Various roles that a photographer can take-up

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course?


Advertising Photographer: Advertising companies require photographers to market their products. The demand for advertising photographers is more in India due to the increase in advertising companies. The photographers use their photographic skills for commercial advertisements.

Event and Concert Photographer/wedding photographers: These photographer’s work will be capturing the events and concerts. Events and concerts can also include weddings. Wedding photographers have good opportunities and a high salary, especially in India.

Photojournalist: Media requires the attention of photographers. Journalist photographers mainly work on clicking photographs for various news articles, reporting live, and can also click pictures of actresses for the news headlines. A photojournalist is a common job in India with a decent salary.

Wildlife Photographer: This role is less in India. Photographers can dedicate their time to click on various wildlife animals(flora /fauna) which are needed for wildlife magazines. This role also requires photographers with less fear of wildlife animals.

Fashion Photographers: The fashion industry also had a rise in these years which requires more number of fashion photographers. Fashion photographers work with various models and actresses and shootings will be mostly outdoors to create a natural beauty effect in the clicks.

Aerial Photographers: The work of aerial photographers is mainly focused on clicking the pictures of natural scenes, terrains, landscapes, helicopters, flights, etc. These photographers can get a market in areas like news, business, and the military.

Food Photographers: These photographers exclusively work for food reviews and food blogs. They click photographs of multi-cuisine dishes and kitchens in 5-star restaurants. This job is less demanded in India while having a higher demand in foreign countries.

Industrial Photographer: These photographers mostly work with capturing major industrial machines which are used for advertising the company privately.

Freelancer can also be an option if you are starting with photography. In India, experienced photographers are more in demand rather than a freelancer. If freelancers are given the right opportunity they can have a good salary price.


Anyone can take up photography as a career irrespective of their background. But if you are choosing photography as a full-time career. A Bachelor of fine arts would be most suitable and gives a plus point when you go for the recruitment process.

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course?


As the demand for experienced photographers is more, it is necessary to upgrade your photography skills from time to time according to the demands in the market.


There is heavy demand for life skills in the market nowadays. If you are skilled you will manage to find a decent job in society else you will be unemployed. Online certifications make you stand unique against all competitions. In this pandemic time, traveling and learning the skill is impossible. So the perfect way is to choose online courses and upgrade your skills in photography.

Why Photography is the most preferred skill course?


It’s never too late to start something new. You can be one of the best photographers like Arati Kumar Rao. Arati Kumar Rao, one of the best photographers coming from a normal middle-class background. Her photographs speak about the pollutants affecting water bodies in South Asia regions.


SkillRediscovery provides the best platform for newcomers students and professionals to learn new skills. Skills Rediscovery provides the best mentor to guide the learners towards their goals. We provide all types of courses starting from photography to coding courses.

Are you a newcomer to photography? Then join SkillsRediscovery(India’s Fastest Growing Skills Training Platform – Skill Rediscovery ( and explore the photography basics starting from different types of cameras, light composition and become one of the trained photographers.

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