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Why should you invest yourself in learning a foreign language?

Why should you invest yourself in learning a foreign language

Languages aren’t just words, phrases or letters rather it signifies one’s cultural roots. Each language in the world has its essence and historical significance. We should thank the old primitive languages for paving a way for new languages that were derived from them. Yes, just like human civilization evolved our languages did too. 

History of the Latin Language:

The Latin language was first spoken around 700 BC in a small settlement in Palatine Hills by Romans derived from a legendary founder Romulus. You all must have read that Latin is a dead language. Well, Latin gave birth to five languages – French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.

Current most spoken languages in the world:

At present, the Chinese language is ranked first, followed by Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, and Japanese. 

Today learning a foreign language or any language per se is of vital importance in the education sector. Mastering a foreign language provides a competitive edge to your job role. Learning a foreign language opens opportunities not only in industries such as business, but other industries like law, medicine, technology, marketing and many more. 

Let’s slowly discuss the most common languages that will help you to get a better job opportunity. 


The German language is the most commonly spoken language of Western Europe. It’s spoken by the people in Germany, Austria and is one of the official languages of Switzerland. The German language exists in many dialects, most of which either belong to High German or Low German. The primary difference between the two is the sound of the consonants. 

It’s a very common fact that the people in Germany do not let anyone work in their country unless they know how to communicate in German. If you are aspiring to work in Germany, then I would say better sign up for a German Language Course.

Every company in Germany has different requirements about the levels you should have cleared. Therefore, research well before applying for a job. The German culture contributed to the most famous literary, artistry, and fashion in India. You even have a great career in India after learning the German Language. 


The French Language is beautiful and many institutions are offering official languages French courses. If you learn French and work in France you will reap a lot of benefits. 

In France, you can turn up to any meetings or events late and you won’t be fired because that’s their work culture. Besides, their unique work culture, it’s a beautiful city with delicious food. One major advantage is that France is positioned at the top second place for the best Fashion Shoot. Photography is a career option you should think about. In this internet world, people are looking for innovative photographers who can capture the right moment. If you want to be a part of the fashion world as a photographer, then look for the Beginner Photography Skill Course 


Contrary to other people’s beliefs, the Russian language is one of the toughest languages, after Mandarin.  The Russian Alphabet takes 10 days to master, however, if you are persistent you can do it quite sooner than one can expect. The difference between English and Russian is that you need three to six words to explain a situation, but in the Russian Language, you only need two. Very often the people who visit Russia for tourism find them rude because the Russians are not known to smile and very few speak in English. It’s only once you start to speak to them, you start to understand them. Many have guaranteed that once you learn the Russian Language, you can’t go back to English. If you are interested in Russian music and its raps then you can learn The online Russian Language Course right from your home. 


Why not learn Russian, German, or even French? These languages seem to be the most practical languages to learn. Although, the Arabic Language is the fifth most spoken language in the world. The Arabic language is known as the language of the Koran, which is sacred to every Muslim. If you are familiar with Urdu, then it’s pretty easy to catch up with the Arabic Language. The Middle East countries are rapidly expanding and thus, the need for the Arabic Language. In fact, sectors such as IT-industry, Aviation, Education, Banking, Travel & Tourism are searching for Indians who can speak the Arabic Language. Unlike the above languages such as French, German or Russian, there are very few people who know the Arabic Language. Hence, the demand for the language is high, also the pay. If you want a great pay scale and less competition, then you should sign up for The Arabic Language Course 

Career Prospects:

All foreign languages are appreciated and valued deeply by companies all around the world. After learning a foreign language, you could be a freelance translator. The normal rate for a freelance translator is in your hands. It is negotiable and by word of mouth, you would more likely be hired often. You could also join an embassy, either translating the foreign language or translating your native language for the smooth flow of business. Although, if you have a passion for teaching then you are in for a treat because a foreign language teacher is roughly paid about Rs 1,50,000/p.a 

Overall, learning a foreign language gives you a different personality and perspective in life.  It looks good in your resume, you will get high pay, freedom to travel and who knows when that language skills may come into use for you. All you have to take care of is choosing the right language for you. Whichever language interests you and makes you want to learn that language knowing that it will be extremely challenging and still makes you want to suffer through the first few days of mastering that language, will be the best-fit language for you. 

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