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Skilled or Unskilled? Get a Job in Germany

SkillsRediscovery helps in How to find job in Germany

Yes, you heard it right, a person can get a job in Germany even when they are unskilled. Finding jobs in Germany is pretty hard, especially when a person from another country is searching for jobs in Germany and they do not know any other international language than English, apart from the one that is used in their region. However, Germany has availability of jobs for unskilled and skilled both category. Germany takes up number 1 in being the largest economy in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world.

This is the same reason why we can say Germany has many work opportunities present for students coming from different countries. If you have the skills to work in Germany you will be getting many job opportunities over there. Germany allows people to study there and get a job. For you to avail of these opportunities, you must have a certificate of studies done in Germany.

Qualifications to Get a Job in Germany

If you are a well-qualified person in your country who wants to work in Germany, you must confirm your residence by applying for a residence permit before moving to the country. The process of getting a permit is now under the immigration act introduced in March of the year 2020. Germany is a prestigious country as it has many opportunities for students to work. Germany has various jobs for non-EU countries as well including India but their preference would always be their regional language German.

If you have made up your mind to get settled in Germany, you must know that living there would not be easy if you are unable to understand their local language. Sometimes, it will help you in understanding your job-related work if you understand the German. Hence, take a course to tackle the basic steps of a language barrier to enhance your communications skill that will be used in Germany.

If you qualify to get a job in Germany, you will need some documents and information to place your job and confirm your job:

  • Your passport will at the top
  • Germany prefers studies done there, hence they need a recognition certificate for studies done in Germany.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Job offer and contract sent to you
  • Language proficiency of B1 level.
  • Proof that you can meet the expenses in Germany

Get these and you are all set to work there. Once you will get a residence permit, you don’t have to worry about a roof over your head. Although, Germany has opened various opportunities for people from all over the world, still they will prefer to hire a fellow with german language understanding over a fellow who only knows English.

Jobs for Indians in Germany

Jobs for Indians in Germany by SkillsRediscovery

Being at the top of the list in the largest economy in Europe, Germany is one of the countries having a shortage of skilled workers and that is why they have job openings for foreigners (Non-EU countries including India). In the sectors like STEM and healthcare, they are facing quite a long space to be covered in terms of workers.

According to the statistics, over five crores (5 cr) of job vacancies are there to be fulfilled. These five crore job vacancies include all the places from hospital to teaching English. Working in any sector of Germany will be easy as you are at a high probability of getting jobs if you are skilled and matches all the standards of being a German worker. Talking about the type of companies in Germany 90% of the companies are SME small and medium enterprises. These SME companies take the place of ⅔ of the country’s jobs. As these jobs are for small and medium enterprises they will need light skilled or skilled workers.

At the time of COVID-19, one of the areas that were highly affected in Germany was coming students for working, and studying in Germany. However, even after this big shatter, Germany is still welcoming enthusiasts to come over and work in their preferred domain with the proficiency of German language.

Salaries Statics in the Country Germany

Salaries vary according to the sector that you have chosen. Annually, there are amendments made by the German government to ensure the fixed wages given. That too with a minimum of 9.5 Euros per hour. Germany stands in fifth place in providing the best salaries in Europe. Talking about the basic salary provided to the worker is 4,000 euros.

Looking about some of the best domains to work in to get high salaries of about 85,000 euros to 90,000 euros per year are IT, consulting, banking, legal services, insurance, and engineering. If you will research in depth you will come out with even more domains that offer high wages per annum.

Varieties are everywhere, some factors derive salary un Germany, these factors are:

  • The private and government sector stands to have 5% higher salary than the jobs for govt or public sector.
  • The location of the company also affects the pay scale in Germany.
  • And one of them is obviously, the sector you have applied for.

Ausbildung Job Opportunities in Germany

If you are not experienced and have no prior education be called a skilled person. You can still work in Germany to fulfill your dreams to get established with the help of a Visa Sponsorship.

There are a lot of job opportunities present for you, as a seeker of a job opportunity in Germany, you must have the right knowledge to avoid long-term loss facing the issue of leaving any steps in your job hunt.

Visa sponsorship jobs for ausbildung opportunities  applicants means a kind of job whose employer will send relatable documents on your behalf to the government asking for your visa approval. This will make your visa sponsorship approval a lot easier. This will help you as you will no longer need to prove your capabilities to match the immediate expenses and the German government will also take into consideration that your employer is responsible for your financial aid.

Some of the jobs that are there in Germany for unskilled people are hotel jobs, security jobs, sales boy/girl, company jobs, and nanny jobs.

How to Find Jobs in Germany

SkillsRediscovery helps in How to find job in Germany

Once you have understood that there are pretty lot of jobs available for both skilled and unskilled people. By now you know the qualifications that you will need to get a job and other basic proof that you have to provide to the German government so that they could prove your visa and permit to stay in a country. Hence, you should know more about how you can find a reliable job in a German company.

You can explore job finding by researching online. There are a lot of online portals that provide you the information about jobs available in Germany, some of these will take your information and will provide it to the German government so that they can evaluate you and register accordingly. Or there are online portals that are directly connected with the German company so that they can understand whether a candidate has the required skills and matched criteria to get a job in Germany. Following information will help you understand the steps to avail a job in Germany:

  • Get your qualifications recognized even when you have completed your degree in another country. Get it done and work in Germany.
  • Start writing applications as soon as you get your qualification recognized. This will help you in maintaining a good resume and cover letter that will make in influence the German company for your job. Before giving you an employment role German companies won’t solely look upon your resume, cover letter, or academic improvement, but also at your non-stop trying to get a job.
  • Get your insurance like health insurance to keep yourself safe with medical expenses in times of need. The insurance is one of the documents that will be attached from day one to ensure your presence.
  • German Language, this is quite obvious that you will need German proficiency to avoid future stops in the path of your career. Avoid standing still while interacting with clients. Get at least the B1/B2 Level of German language proficiency.

By now you can understand the basics of how you can find your career in Germany being both a skilled and unskilled fellow. Get a qualified trainer and start hunting for opportunities that are waiting for you to grab them.

Stop waiting and start doing as “success comes to those who have the willpower to win over their snooze buttons”

“Contact SkillsRediscovery for well-qualified trainers open to help you in solving your further doubts on making your career in Germany.”

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