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Skills Required In Real Life Journey

What is a skill? 

A skill is the ability to do a task by utilizing the energy and achieve the desired result in the given time frame. In other words, we can say that skill is an art that represents the body as knowledge and branches as learning that grows more when we learn more. Possessing all required skills to complete a set of tasks for a particular job is known as Skillset. 

Importance of developing your skills: Developing your skills through further training provides significant benefits that include:

Personal growth: It is the grounds of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health. Lots of your actions may already be towards self-improvement

Increase opportunities for career development: It is the process where you gain knowledge, investigate more options, and make a decision that shapes your career. It requires you to successfully select career options and prepare for a job that suits your personality, skills, and interests. When someone pays conscientious attention to their career development, they can identify their strengths and blind spots. They then work hard to improve their skills. This process also involves learning about different roles and industries and finding a match for their abilities. If you are looking for more opportunities or wish to switch your job that provides a more fitting career, you need to improve your skills.

Increase your employment opportunities: A growing body of research emphasizes that the spirit of a regional economy depends on its ability to connect its residents to good jobs and their firms to able workers with the appropriate skill set. Increasing your skills puts you ahead of others in competition for employment. 

Increase your knowledge and understanding of your local industry: They are closely correlated within the industry. It provides you knowledge about the local industry that extends your skills. 

A Story on skill development: 

Once a woodcutter went to a timber merchant for a job, and he got it. The payment was enough. He was determined to do his best. His boss gave him an axe and order to start the work. On his first day, he cut down 21 trees, and the boss praised him. The boss said, “go on that way”. He was motivated by his boss. The next day he can only bring down 17 trees. On the third day, he tried harder but cut only ten trees. Day by day the number keeps decreasing. “I think I am losing my strength”, the woodcutter thought. He went to the boss and regrets not knowing the reason why his strength is decreasing. “When did you sharpen your axe last time ?” the boss asked. “Sharpen? I did not sharpen my axe, as I was busy cutting down trees”, replied the woodcutter.

We all need time to rest, study and meditate, and grow. If we do not spend some time sharpening the axe, we will become tired and lose our worthiness.

I think every company should spend on training a Skills Development Program for its employees. In every domain or profession new  techniques and skills emerge frequently. So even after graduation, one must not stop learning and polishing their skills.

What is a Life Skill? 

A life skill is a term used to denote a set of basic skills that you achieve through learning. Life skills and experience enables individuals to handle issues and problems effectively in their daily life. They include creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, the ability to communicate and collaborate, along with personal and social responsibility that contribute to good citizenship. All these skills are essential in the 21st century for successful and employable individuals. 

Importance of Life Skills: 

Life skills help you reach the sky, even when the running storm gets tough in the adventure of life. Meeting the challenges of everyday life involves a comprehensive understanding of the importance of life skills. We can say that the life skills list is broad. You will realize that it is helpful to develop life skills consistently and transform your future for the better. The importance of life skills is that they bring out the best in you. That leads to better learning, living, and working. We look for developing life skills within students. When students transit from school into the modern world, they need extra tools or skills. These tools are the life skills that will make their way through daily challenges. 

How are Life Skills useful in everyday life for students? 

  • Find new ways of thinking. 
  • Identify the result of their actions and ask them to take responsibility. 
  • Build confidence.
  • Analyze options and make decisions that realize why they make choices outside the classroom. 

What are Life Skills? 

As per World Health Organisation(WHO), life skills divided into six key areas, they are:

  •  Communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills. 
  • Creative thinking and critical thinking. 
  • Self-awareness and empathy. 
  • Assertiveness and equanimity, or self-control.
  •  Resilience and ability to cope with problems. 

Examples of Life Skills:

While you are at school or university, you have to study and acquire skills. It includes organizing yourself for learning, doing research, and even writing a dissertation or thesis. 

For example:

a)For buying a new house, you need negotiation skills and that needs plenty of patience and a good temper. 

b)You need to work on your employability skills to get a job. 

c) when you get a job, you need to improve your leadership skills.

d) And finally, time management and organizational skills become much more valuable to suffice in a fast-moving life.

Types of Life Skills:

  1. Will to Learn: The essential skill we need to integrate into our personality is the willingness to learn new skills. You should be ready to learn new skills. They will help make your life better. It involves difficulties and setbacks but never giving up spirit will ultimately help you reach your goals in life.
  2. To be self-aware: It plays a pivotal role in character development. It gives solutions to many problems in our life. When we sharpen our strengths and correct our weaknesses, we solidify our goals. We must never stop believing in ourselves, confronting and accepting what we are to develop into better individuals each day 
  3. Make decisions: Decision-making skills help us to assess the situation and come to firm conclusions. Once you make the decision, try to stick to it till the end. It is very appreciated in the job. In many jobs, you have to make decisions within a snap of a minute. Learning how to do so enhances your career growth and gives you better chances of acclaiming prominent positions you dreamt of within your organization. 
  4. Solving Problems: Problems will be never-ending, so we have to learn the right set of skills to overcome them. These skills lead us to identify the problem and categorize it. Later, we can assess the issue and take preventive measures.


Life skills help a person make intelligent decisions by analyzing the pros and cons of any situation and throwing the issue from its very root. It also helps in keeping productive interpersonal relationships with others in our society. Life skills help communicate effectively with people around us and help them in their time of need. You can not excel in the corporate world without improving your skills. In this post-industrial era, every student needs to develop their personality and real-life skills to compete in the corporate world. 

SkillsRediscovery provides a platform where one can learn skills without facing any difficulties and independent of prior experience. These skills make an individual survive in society with satisfaction and help others in distress. To know more about Real Skills for your life check our platform Skillsrediscovery.

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