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Impossible To Possible: Introduction To Nuke

There was a time when only smokes and mirrors were used in the name of VFX, but since the invention of digital compositing, things have come a long way. Now, what exactly is digital compositing? In layman’s terms, it is simply a process of integrating multiple pictures or live-action footage into a single screen, mainly for creating an illusion that everything is happening at the same time.

Do you remember being awed by Deadpool? Or being heartbroken by the titanic? 

Then, you have already witnessed the magic of Visual Effects.

After digital compositing came – NUKE, which took things to a whole different level!

Foundry’s NUKE, short for, the new compositor is a node-based VFX film pipeline that assembles all of the renders/elements/plates/image sequences into a sort of photoshop for moving images. It does not just help in compositing but also in editing and reviewing.

It is the best software out there in the market and everyone, I repeat, everyone from big-budget movies to indie films to even advertisements are using it.

Oh, and both Titanic and Deadpool used Nuke for its amazing VFX. Interesting isn’t it?


Now you must be thinking about why it is the best software and why everyone is so crazy about it? To understand, it is imperative to first understand why to use VFX at all. The reason is simple, VFX is the only solution to show things on screen which cannot otherwise be captured in real-time. There are certain situations like flying, paranormal objects or people, elements like dragons, etc which are impossible to shoot and this when VFX comes into play.

Again, digital compositing is a part of VFX which is required when we need to alter the image, video or audio as per our need. It helps to add or remove certain elements from the picture because it is not always that we get the exact picture as desired – sometimes there is a problem in the background, sometimes in the weather, etc. or to put it simply, it helps in creating highly effective audio-video pictures.

Nuke, on the other hand, is a node software that helps in both visual effects aka VFX and digital compositing.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of the nuke to best understand its hype –


  • It has a node-based design that allows developers to write Javascripts that run directly in the computer instead of the browser which also makes it easy to navigate.
  • It is industry standard and so after learning it, one can easily jump into the VFX industry as a career. Industry-standard means it is software which most of the big shots are now using so learning it will instantly boost up a career in visual effects.
  • It has no issue working on shots having high resolution. It gives full control to the users over the product and the quality that one can achieve through it is TREMENDOUS!
  • It is also very easy to understand.
  • It is useful for not only compositing but also editing and reviewing.
  • Students and beginners wishing to learn it can also easily use it because of its availability in a non-commercial version which is free and non-watermarked. Even in the commercial form of nuke, often discounts are given.
  • Nuke is also compatible with almost all types of file and has a smooth uninterrupted 2d/3rd integration.
  • It has various tool sets like machine learning tool set, deep image compositing, nodal toolset, stereoscopic workflow, rotoscoping, 2d tracker, keying, key light, dope sheet, lens distortion, vector generators, VR corrections, match grade and many others.


Nuke has been in the market for 20 years, and it’s safe to say the dependency on nuke is only increasing with time. Founded in 1993, Nuke has now been used in countless movies – some of them even going to win awards for best VFX! And it still does not stop here, even short films, advertisements use it.

Big banner production houses like Walt Disney Animation Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Pictures, etc all use Nuke for the awe-inspiring graphics that they showcase on the big screen. Even in India, Red Chillies Entertainment, Prime Focus, Reliance Mediaworks, etc uses Nuke software for their VFX.

So, if you learn and master Nuke, you already have opened a career opportunity for yourself! If you are someone who enjoys playing with visual effects – nuke is the best option for you. With nuke, the possibilities are vast and opportunities ENDLESS!


VFX has become a huge market trend and nothing is safe from its storm. There is not a single movie that does not use VFX nowadays!

Some of the fields that you can choose after learning Nuke are –

  • Compositing artist
  • Motion graphic designer
  • VFX artist
  • Character animator
  • Background artist
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Film/video editor or supervisor

And many more…

The best part? It is not just limited to movies, you can make for yourself a career in the gaming industry, online entertainment platforms and advertisement industry.

The growth is impressive and the salary that you can earn can also grow with your experience and talent. VFX artists are in demand even in India with huge amounts of money flowing in the industry to make the movie best – especially in terms of visual effects.

And what do you need for this?

Just lots and lots of creativity and a passion to create the impossible!


So, where can you learn Nuke at an affordable price and right from the scratch? The answer is – SkillsRediscovery!

With SkillsRediscovery, you can enter the magical world of Visual Effects through its most promising software aka NUKE! It is specially curated for beginners, so no prior knowledge is required. Various aspects of NUKE will be taught during the course with regular assessments.

If you have always imagined what goes behind the working of some great visual effects and have always wanted to do some yourself, then think no more and join the Nuke course, just click here.


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Sunidhi Vijay

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