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How To Ace That First Interview: Preparation For ‘The First’ Interview In Seven Days

Do you have your very first interview coming up? Are you nervous? Well, nervousness is common especially when you are going to face your first interview, but take a deep breath and hang in there because I have a solution to your problem.


One reason that you feel nervous is that you have no idea about what takes place in an interview, sure nowadays you have clips of interviews that you can watch thanks to platforms like Youtube and Facebook, but nothing really beats the real-time experience. You have an idea about the questions that they can ask but don’t know the proper answers to them. You don’t know what to wear, what to skip, what documents to carry and how to present yourself properly. You are not alone, these are some of the basic questions that run through the mind of every fresher.


Like all the other aspects of human life, even job interviews have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. So many people have lost their jobs and so many are facing trouble finding one. Thus, if you have got an opportunity to get one – do not waste it. Know that at a time where so many job seekers are there in the market, you have to stand out. Education and qualification matter- but not as much as the confidence that you have and the potential that you carry. Let it out and be the best possible version of yourself.

Most of the interviews that are being held nowadays are ‘virtual’, meaning you don’t have the opportunity to meet your interviewer face to face but through a medium, which further implies that a strong internet connection and ‘the medium’, preferably laptop or computer is a must.

Moreover, since the interview is virtual, you don’t get the time to adjust yourself or familiarise yourself with the surroundings. It is sudden. One second you are waiting for the interviewer and the next second, the interviewer suddenly pops up on your screen without giving you the time to take in. In contrast, when the interview is scheduled to take place face-to-face, you get a chance to settle in and brace yourself. It is you, who has to decide the place for the interview and make sure that it is noise-free and comfortable and even if it is a virtual interview, your clothing matters.


You have to be quick. You have to be smart. You have to be confident.

Therefore, getting a hang of virtual interviews becomes all the more important!


There are various types and rounds of an interview, and as a candidate, you must become familiar with all of these so that you are prepared and not surprised by anything that comes your way.

Here are some types of interviews:

  • Panel Based Interview: It consists of several panel members or interviewers who will assess you and interview you together.
  • Competency-based interview: You will be asked questions according to the knowledge that you have or the skill that you possess which is required for that particular job.
  • The Face-To-Face Interview: It is the most common form of interview and simply means meeting the interviewer face to face and discussing the job.
  • Group Interview: All the candidates applying for the job will be divided into groups and your interaction as a part of a team will be evaluated.


  • Portfolio-based interview: It is mainly held for people applying in the digital or communication sector.
  • Virtual Interview: This is mainly for people opting for remote work and involves a virtual or online meeting with the interviewer.
  • Telephonic Interview: Sometimes basic questions about you may be asked through telephone.

Sometimes, these interviews may also be taken up in the form of rounds and so it is important to understand what each type of interview means for you.


First and foremost, CONFIDENCE! Understand that you are just as smart as other people in the room, if not more. There is talent in you and that is why you have come such a long way.

Being selected for the interview out of so many other candidates is in itself a big thing, so pat yourself and be proud. You have got so much potential in you and now you just have to let it shine. I will tell you exactly what you need :

An Impressive CV –

CV or Resume is the first thing that will probably reach your interviewer even before you do. It will introduce you. It should be presentable, should include all that you have and achieved and at the same time, it should be catchy. Always remember that – It should be a reflection of you!


A Nice Personal Introduction- 

Keep your introduction sweet and simple. Mention everything about yourself but also don’t take too much time.

Answers To All The Questions –

Okay, I know it is impossible to have answers to all the questions but during an interview, you should know it all and even if you don’t, you should know exactly how to avoid it. Sometimes, the interviewer asks tricky questions just to test the person so DO NOT LIE, even if you have not done a certain thing or do not know about certain things, lying should never be an option instead know how to dodge the question politely.

Know-How Much To Say – 

There is a time allotted for every candidate so make sure that your answer is crisp and to the point. Express yourself but do not over-elaborate.

Body Language – 

I repeat, be confident and relaxed. Do not be stiff. Try to have an easy flow of communication with your interviewer. Avoid using too much of your hand. Smile.


Patience – 

Have patience and don’t rush. You must have heard the quote ‘Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait’, trust in that and believe in yourself. The result may take some time to come, so have hope and stay POSITIVE.


Remember how I said, I have a solution to all your problems – Voila! Here it is.

SkillsRediscovery- The best Skills Platform

What if I told you, SkillsRediscovery is a platform where you can prepare for your first interview in just SEVEN days! It is an online learning platform where you can learn every basic and practical course online, which means you can take it up at your convenience! The mentors are great and we also have various quizzes and assignments related to each course.

I told you what you need, but with SkillsRediscovery, you can learn how to get it!

SkillsRediscovery provides mock interviews, feedback, presentation, answer to your questions, practical knowledge and various other things and what’s the best part – it is specially designed for FRESHERS!

Don’t waste your time and take this course right now – Interview preparation in 7 days and ACE THAT INTERVIEW

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Sunidhi Vijay

Sunidhi Vijay

Sunidhi Vijay, an English honors student at Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi joined as a Content Writer at SkillsRediscovery. She, from the start, has always been intrigued by literature and always wanted to pursue her further studies in this domain. She is quite contented with her line of working as a creative content curator and interning with SkillsRediscovery has helped her to grow and mature in her areas of interest in the best possible manner.
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