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Webinar | Secrets of Habits by Ms Deval Joshi | SkillsRediscovery

Secrets of Habits | Webinar by Ms Deval Joshi | SkillsRediscovery

​Everybody knows we are what we repeatedly do. Are you the one who wants to improve their lives by improving their habits but searching for the correct path? Then you are at the right place.

SkillsRediscovery organizes an exclusive Online Workshop

​The Secret of Habits for Your Success

Know how transformation happens with the formation of habits and behaviors and its impact on mind charging patterns.

Resource Person – Ms. Deval Joshi

​Ms. Deval is an accomplished Life Skills Coach with a strong network of corporates in more than 30 cities. She has trained 10,000+ individuals by motivating them for their life mission.

Who Should Attend – Students, freshers & anyone who wishes to enhance their productivity & performance

​Don’t miss this opportunity!

“Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”

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